'The Simpsons' Marathon Trailer Released, Every Episode Ever Released

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Bart Simpson and the rest of the iconic Simpson family will be featured in the upcoming marathon of 'The Simpsons' beginning August 21 and continuing for 12 days.

Yesterday fans were treated with the first look at mini trailer for the upcoming event.

According to US Weekly, "At the same time, FXX will also be launching Simpsons World--described as "the ultimate Simpsons digital experience"--in October.

After the marathon wraps in early September, FXX will continue to schedule episodes across their weekday and weekend lineup, airing mini eight-episode marathons every Sunday starting at 4 p.m. ET."

"All 552 episodes in the show's 25-year run, plus The Simpsons Movie, will air in an epic 278-hour binge of gently subversive animated satire," according to USA Today.

The Simpsons marathon will be televised on FXX if you don't want to miss the show you had better get the DVR's ready as it will be non-stop Simpsons episodes, thats more donuts than a human being could probably manage to eat.