Showing Off Goes Wrong: Lamborghini Aventador Catches Fire After Revving

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As a small crowd gathered around the Lamborghini Aventador in Europe, things go awry very quickly as the car spits flames which end up igniting it.

(Video Below)

In a video uploaded by a proud owner revs up the engine in his Lamborghini Aventador with a crowd cheering.

The show up continues to push through the RPM's until the car starts to spit flames. At that point the flames catch onto the car and light the car on fire.

Now here's where it gets very stupid. A man tries to extinguish the flames with a towel and also by blowing on it.

As you can imagine, this did not work at all. The Driver then proceeds to take off driving the car that is clearly on fire around the streets.

Given that a person may lose some rational sense of thinking when their nearly $400,000 car is on fire, that might explain his reasoning for taking off. However, knowing that the car is worth 400K, the first thing you might want to do is get out and get some water to put out the flames.

Either way he finally comes back around and stops his car. It sure would be interesting to see what happens next.

Watch It All Go Downhill


Driver Manages to put the fire out.