Show Off: 'Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Crashes While Joyriding In Dubai'

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A supercar owners worst nightmare occurs as a man crashes his Ferrari F12 Berlinetta while out on a joyride in Dubai.

(Video Below)

In the video posted to the Virgin Radio Dubai YouTube Channel, a car films as a gorgeous, shiny red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta hits the highway in Dubai. It already looks as if there will be a bit of showing off here obviously because there is a camera out.

Not only is what happens dangerous but it's also a pretty damn expensive mistake to make.

After merging on to the highway, the driver of the car filming speeds up to cruise alongside the F12 Berlinetta.

Suddenly the Ferrari takes off flying up the highway but it looks as if he was going too fast to stop from hitting the car in front of him.

What he does to avoid hitting the cars ahead of him causes the brakes to lock up a bit as he swerves out of the way, ultimately sending him into a wall at a serious speed.

The result is the left over carnage of what happens when you try to show off on a busy highway.

Moral of the story, save the race car antics for the track or you or someone else could get seriously injured or dead.

Watch the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Crash In Dubai