Shocking 'Video Of A Surprise Robbery In Johannesburg, South Africa'

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What would you do if you were cruising along the road entering the on ramp to begin driving on the highway and a car filled with gun toting thieves jump out to rob you? Well that's what happen in Johannesburg, South Africa and the speed at which it goes down is alarming.

(Video Below)

Anyone who encounters this situation would be alarmed because it's pretty random and extremely scary. The video was posted to Reddit but originally to the Crime Sa YouTube Channel.

In broad daylight, a gang of thieves are packed inside a Volkswagen Jetta unbeknownst to the driver who is following them on to the highway.

Suddenly, the car halts in front of the driver and before he or she could ever get around the Jetta, four armed robbers jump out of the vehicle running straight towards the car. The footage was all captured on a dash cam and it looks like the robbers didn't just stop at the one car following them.

The robber in the purple shirt holds his hands up and stops a car in the lane next to the first crime spree.

The South African robbery video is so shocking and unexpected because it was conducted in front of an entire highway of cars.

Watch the shocking video of the daylight robbery in Johannesburg, South Africa below.