Shia LaBeouf Posts A Morbid Tweet On Halloween

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This year has been a particularly strange one for Shia Labeouf, however, things get a little stranger today after he posted a pretty morbid tweet.

"Place a corpse in a grave or tomb," read LaBeouf's tweet which suggests that it might be his suggestion to celebrating Halloween.

As dark as the tweet is, it wouldn't do well for anyone to read into it and he has shown that he is clearly in better spirits after his rundown with the law this year and substance abuse.

"The 28-year-old actor's bizarre behavior saw him hit the headlines this year, such as when he was arrested for causing a scene at a Broadway show.

Since then he's been receiving help for an addiction to alcohol and he's also admitted his decision to method act has caused some of the problems," reported

LaBeouf appeared on the Ellen DeGenres show earlier this month to talk about what he had gone through earlier in the year and looked to be very apologetic about everything that he had done.

he also says that he has turned to running to help him find a common ground away from all of the negativity. So, fans should probably take the tweet as his creative way of saying "Happy Halloween."

LaBeouf On Ellen

Photo courtesy of nicolas genin