Shia LaBeouf & Amanda Bynes Both Quiet On Twitter

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Actors Shia LaBeouf and Amanda Bynes have had a troubling 2014 and though both have posted in 2015 to let their fans know what's on their minds, they have been quiet for quite some time.

Starting with LaBeouf, 2014 was not the best year for the star who was arrested at a Broadway production of "Cabaret" for disorderly conduct. LaBeouf later appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and laughed the entire incident off, clearly putting it all behind him.

As if things weren't bad enough after the arrest in 2014, LaBeouf came under fire from people who claim to have seen acts of pedophilia in the Sia "Elastic Heart" music video.

So far the stars 2015 isn't looking up but if anyone can make a comeback from adversity it's this young star. Check out the last post from LaBeouf below.

Bynes 2014 was in no manner better than LaBeoufs as she was arrest in September of 2014 for driving under the influence of Adderall. One month following the arrest, Bynes went on a Twitter rant claiming that she was the victim of a plot against her by her parents.

She also claimed that she was sexually abused by her father but then remedied her previous tweet by claiming that a microchip in her head, planted by her father, was responsible for making her say those things.

The entire story seemed very farfetched and claiming to be sexually abused then retracting the comments in a strange way didn't show signs of a mentally stable individual. However, since then Bynes has shared a series of photos that show signs of a healthier star.

She also took a tour of the USC campus which may be yet another sign that Bynes is ready to move on with her life. Check out her latest tweet below.

It would be nice to see both stars bounce back from the mishaps and live healthy and happy lives.

Shia LaBeouf Photo courtesy of Nicolas Genin.