'Shark Tank' Recap: 'CreaProducts,' 'Dollop Gourmet,' 'Spooner Boards' & 'Yourself Expression'

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Two female sharks meet in ABC's Shark Tank as CreaProducts, Dollop Gourmet, Spooner Boards and Yourself Expression pitch their businesses hoping to land a deal with sharks, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec.

Greiner, Corcoran, Cuban, O'Leary and Herjavec are looking for the perfect business to score a profitable investment with.

They will go through four new companies who believe their products and companies have what it takes to go the distance. Will the sharks take the bait or will the companies be left out in the open water?

About Dollop Gourmet

For those looking for a more natural alternative to frosting, Heather Saffer has a pretty sweet product for you with Dollop Gourmet. Dollop Gourmet is a line of non-GMO, natural and dairy free frosting.

This could solve the problem for a lot of healthy eaters who want to enjoy treats like cupcakes. Will the sharks take a bite out of Saffer's frosting idea?

"Around the corner from my work was a little bakery that sold the most fabulous cookies--cookies that were topped with the most dreadful artificial frosting.

Always the girl fighting for the corner piece of cake, I just knew that frosting wasn't being done its due justice in the world.

And that's when my mission to reinvent frosting (and life) began." - Dollop Gourmet Creator Heather Saffer

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The ask: $75,000 for 15% equity.

How it went down: O'Leary makes an offer but Corcoran wants 30% of equity in a joint deal with Greiner. Greiner says she will not go in on the deal and Corcoran has to rethink the deal.

Cuban and Herjavec are out with Corcoran still offering $75,000 for 30% equity. Corcoran makes a deal for 25% equity with a $75,000 investment.

About CreaProducts

Mai Lieu ventures into the Shark Tank to pitch her company CreaProducts and her hair cut solution CreaClip.

CreaClip is one of the self-cutting hairstyling systems that are slowly becoming popular. The DIY capability of the product should have the sharks intrigued, however, will it be enough to get them onboard for an investment?

"Mai Lieu is the Inventor of the CreaClip. She is now President & CEO of CreaProducts Inc., a product development and consulting firm that inspires and delivers innovative and creative products that enrich the consumers quality of life." - CreaProducts

The ask: $200,000 for 10% equity.

How it went down: Lieu's pitch is pretty relatable to many and her demonstration is pretty simple.

The fact that Lieu trusts her product enough to cut her own hair is very impressive and she passes out a couple of samples of the rest of her products. The sharks seemed overwhelmed with all of the products.

Lieu has sold $550,000 in CreaClips. The other products are brand new. People find Lieu from her instructional videos on YouTube. The clips sell for $30. Lieu also tells the sharks her story of escaping the Vietnam war with her parents.

Lieu's profit margin is 66%. Herjavec relates to Lieu and says there is no doubt in his mind that Lieu will succeed. He wants to be in business with her but he is not the right partner and pulls out.

Cuban says he probably isn't the best partner and pulls out of the deal. O'Leary also pulls out of the deal.

Corcoran wants to hear what Greiner has to say and they seem interested in partnering but it was a joke from Corcoran. Corcoran doesn't know how she can help and pulls out.

Greiner offers Lieu $200,000 for 25% equity. Greiner drops to 22.5% and Lieu takes the offer.

About Yourself Expression

Gordy and Shelby Gogulski are the young siblings responsible for creating Yourself Expression. Yourself Expression is a line of jewelry and accessories that are interchangeable, allowing you to have the full ability to customize your looks and express yourself.

"Shelby (14) and her fashion fabulous (9) brother Gordon (Gordy) decided that they could find a way to create the same look, using her own boots and adding colorful bows.

They began making Boot Bling where they would clip bows on the back or side of Shelby's boots and began researching interchangeable jewelry to hang cute things from her boot clips and found several ways you could express yourself." - Yourself Expression

The ask: $50,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: The pitch is pretty interesting and the sharks are eating it up.

The young entrepreneurs make quite the impression. They pass out a couple of gifts and share their sales and their sales are going to be over $300,000.

Shelby started it when she was trying to help her parents pay for her high school tuition. After they had their website created, their sales boomed.

Their cost margins are very good and Herjavec knows they are making money. They need the sharks to get into the souvenir and licensing industry.

Corcoran pulls out of the business and so does O'Leary. Herjavec commends the kids and Shelby starts crying. He says that it's not for him and pulls out of the deal as well.

Cuban says this is a great company and they will reach a higher point. He says they will find bigger and better things and pulls out of the deal.

Greiner says they are so successful she might complicate things and pulls out of the deal. The kids go home without a deal.

About Spooner Boards

Spooner Boards are pitched by Bernie Miller and Ruben Guymer. Spooner Boards are skateboards that ditch the old-fashioned wheels and opts for a curved base. From the preview Spooner Boards even accommodates those daring individuals who love to do tricks.

"The Spooner was invented by accident in San Diego, California when Randy Putland was cleaning up the back of his surf shop.

The first board was created when he was cutting up a plastic dog igloo to throw it away." - Spooner Boards

The ask: $400,000 for 16% equity.

How it went down: The guys introduce the sharks to the Spooner Boards and even show off a little. They also pitch a down a downhill slider that looks pretty dangerous. They pass out some boards after the energetic pitch.

The guys did $52,000 in six weeks during Christmas season. The boards cost $45 and $55 depending on size.

They actually only cost around $12 to make which means they are turning over great margins. They are in specialty stores and a couple of other toy stores.

The sharks want to know what the problem is and the guys simply want a shark on their side. A deal with Toys 'R Us fell through a bit out of their fears. Herjavec says they have a fantastic business and says with an investment it becomes a whole different ball game.

Cuban gives them an example to put things into perspective. Cuban doesn't think they are ready for the big move and Corcoran interrupts ready to put a deal in.

Corcoran offers $200,000 for 8% equity with a shark matching the offer. O'Leary wants to go in but Corcoran is skeptical. He tells the guys they need capital to fund the growth.

He offers $400,000 with $2 on every board and $800,000 back with no royalties. O'Leary says they don't want a shareholder but Herjavec says he is still trying to get money out. Cuban agrees to go in with Corcoran for a 16% deal.

Greiner tries to make an offer but the guys go with Cuban and Corcoran for the joint $400,000 at 16% equity deal.