'Shark Tank' Recap: 'BetterBack,' 'Glace Cryotherapy,' 'Linka' & 'Teaspressa'

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This week on ABC's hit show Shark Tank, BetterBack, Glace Cryotherapy, Linka and Teaspressa are looking to gain investments from famous sharks Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec.

Cuban, Herjavec Greiner, Corcoran and O'Leary are looking for a couple more businesses to add to their portfolio of success and the competition is pretty stiff.

About BetterBack

If you're sitting in an office all day and worry that your poster isn't what it should be, Katherine Krug, the creator of BetterBack can sympathize with you.

Krug's BetterBack is a posture correction device that looks pretty portable and promises a way to correct your posture after using it for 15 minutes a day.

"BetterBack allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture, easing back pain--and preventing it.

Lightweight and portable, it makes every chair ergonomic. Wearing it for just 15 minutes a day can retrain your body's default posture, so when you stand or sit without BetterBack, your posture is greatly improved." - BetterBack

The Ask: $750,000 for 7.5% equity.

How it went down: The pitch is straightforward and sort of directed towards Cuban who isn't quite sitting up in his chair. Krug says that BetterBack allows you to effortlessly sit with perfect posture.

Krug is trying to help everyone live better. She presents samples and shows the sharks how to use it. Corcoran says it seemed complicated but once it's on, she is totally relaxed.

Krug launched her product on Kickstarter and sold 100 times her goal. She sold $1.2 million worth of BetterBacks. However, none of her customers have tried the product as yet.

She presents some pretty big statistics for the sharks. She believes she can generate $4.5 million in sales online. The product costs about $8 to make and she sells it for $49.99.

The problem comes when Cuban sees a hole in her projectable number of sales. Corcoran believes she is asking for too much and pulls out. Cuban says that the evaluation is the challenge. He says you can't value it but Herjavec believes that you can.

Cuban says all the things she hasn't done is everything that is a real business. He tells her that he is out.

Herjavec believes that she has all the right answers but the equity has to be 20%. He offers the $750,00 for 20%.

O'Leary offers the same money for 25% equity. Greiner is up and it looks like she wants to make a deal. Greiner says she doesn't always have the same point of view as the other sharks. She says she is a closer and that she has a product that they sold on QVC with a quick $5 million in sales. She believes that the BetterBack can be supplemented.

She offers Krug the same deal that Herjavec offered, but makes a much better case. O'Leary says he will loan her the money on 7.5% interest with 5% equity when he closes the deal.

Greiner makes a copycat offer with 3 years to pay it back. However, Greiner asks for 8% equity. Krug says she has to phone a friend but the sharks freak out and she is scared into a deal with Greiner.

About Glace Cryotherapy

The Sister and brother combo of Brittney Scarlett-Torres and Skyler Scarlett are bringing a Japanese method of pain relief to their line of spas with Glace Cryotherapy.

These spas are now open in six other locations and present some pretty positive health benefits according to Glace Cryotherapy. Will the sharks wants to invest in a icy spa therapy?

"After first hearing about Whole Body Cryotherapy in 2011 Skyler immediately dove into researching the therapy and found a cutting edge and untapped market.

It was then that Brittney came on board and the siblings embarked on a journey to scope out the Cryotherapy business starting in Southern California and ending in Texas where they discovered a young, but thriving new industry." - Glace Cryotherapy

The Ask: $100,000 for 15% equity.

How it went down: They began their cutting technology pitch and the sharks seem pretty interested. They tell the sharks that they can help people manage their pain and increase their energy and mood. They ask Herjavec to try their Glace chamber.

He had to get into his underwear and then readies himself for the experience. Herjavec is freezing but the siblings ensure him that he will heat up immediately.

Herjavec feels very cold and Greiner asks how they prevent burning. The siblings reveal that they never go past three minutes per treatment. Herjavec actually says he feels great after the therapy. Their main expense for their product is gas.

Cuban knows that his Mavericks just started using the technology. One machine costs $55,000. O'Leary says he would rather buy the unit and keep 100% of the. He doesn't believe that they have anything.

Herjavec says they are just a retail store. The siblings argue that their training is much different from anyone else who uses it. O'Leary pulls out of the deal. Cuban says they have a problem but it's not what O'Leary is pointing out.

He says not having the people they need is a big problem and Cuban pulls out. Herjavec says they don't have a good game plan and pulls out.

Greiner thinks it is interesting but not investable for her and she pulls out. Corcoran doesn't understand why the sharks aren't all over the deal.

Corcoran says she will build it to a $1 million business in a year and offers the $100,000 for 30%. The siblings make a deal with Corcoran.

About Linka

With a pretty steady market in cyclers worldwide, Mohamed Mohamed is looking to get an investment in his product Linka, geared towards keeping your bicycle safe. Linka is a mountable bike lock that allows you added security against those who might want to steal your means of transportation and exercise.

The lock also contains auto-unlocking, tamper alerts, built-in siren, community tracking, theft indicator map and more. Are the sharks going to see the same vision that Mohamed has?

"We all know how frustrating it can be lock and unlock your bike when you need to just stop in for a quick second.

Many of us even leave our bikes completely unlocked! With LINKA's revolutionary Auto-Unlock feature, you no longer have to pull out your keys or a bulky lock from your bag." - Linka

The Ask: $250,000 for 10% equity.

How it went down: His pitch is pretty clean and he says that one million Americans have their bikes stolen every year.

He unveils the smart hardware and it looks very promising. Combined with the app Linka looks like a good business for the sharks.

Herjavec tries to pick up the bike with the lock and the alarm goes off. Mohamed reveals that through the app there is also a tamper-warning. There is an option to have a chain or not.

The retail price is $159. Mohamed's sales since his Kickstarted launch is $40,000. Mohamed actually works for Toyota and has a background in engineering.

Corcoran says that she would be his ideal customer, however, she feels much safer with a chain. She doesn't think the alarm is enough of a deterrent and she pulls out. Herjavec also pulls out of the deal.

O'Leary said he was hoping that the lock would give off a shock at least. He doesn't see the product or the evaluation as being in his realm and pulls out of the deal.

Greiner believes that Mohamed would need a louder alarm and pulls out of the deal.

Cuban is the only shark left but he believes that there is too much competition. He pulls out of the deal and Mohamed goes home without a deal.

About Teaspressa

Allison DeVane brings her Teaspressa shots to the sharks in hopes for a pretty solid investment. Teaspressa is a coffee/espresso substitute for those who may suffer from headaches due to coffee.

It's also been created so that drinkers don't have to sacrifice the caffeine levels in normal coffee products.

"TEASPRESSA offers a unique, modern day approach on premium tea enjoyable for tea enthusiasts and coffee aficionados alike.

We make concentrated tea shots, like espresso, that are prepared similarly as if a gourmet coffee beverage. Our flavors are an elegant infusion of both the tea and coffee worlds creating impeccable tea lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos." - Teaspressa

The Ask: $50,000 for 10% equity.

How it went down: The pitch is straightforward and easy to understand.

It's caffeinated tea with out the jitters and the crash. They present the sharks with some of the samples and they all come in a pretty good amounts of flavors.

DeVane has her product in shops and had a couple of pop-up shops. She has only made $26,000 in sales over five months. O'Leary asks about the product and DeVane doesn't really have a straight answer.

DeVane wants to be the person that made tea cool. DeVane then says she is making a machine and confuses the sharks. DeVane is struggling with the rest of her pitch and the sharks look to be growing weary.

Corcoran says that DeVane is communicating clear and she pulls out. O'Leary says he has no idea what she does and pulls out. Cuban tells DeVane to take a deep breath. He says the problem is she came to them too early in her business.

He pulls out of the deal. Herjavec says that her attitude is why they are still talking to her but it isn't a focus and he pulls out.

Greiner says they all taste great but in business you have to crawl, walk and then run. She tells her to take each step and pulls out of the deal. DeVane goes home without a deal from the sharks.