'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Beloved Shirts,' 'IllumiBowl,' 'Innovation Pet, Inc.' & 'Mobcraft Beer'

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After a short break, ABC's Shark Tank returns with four fresh companies, Beloved Shirts, IllumiBowl, Innovation Pet, Inc. and Mobcraft Beer who are all seeking an investment from sharks, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec.

Cuban, Greiner, John, O'Leary and Herjavec will be looking for the best company to throw their money to. One of the four companies could potentially walk home with a pretty hefty investment.

About Mobcraft Beer

Henry Schwartz will be looking to make a sober deal for Mobcraft Beer. Mobcraft Beer is another one of the many breweries that are popping up all across the nation.

He will be looking to take the company and its recipes to the next level in hopes to reach commercial fame.

"Getting your hands on a MobCraft beer is pretty easy.

Whether you live near the brewery or on the other side of the country, there is a way! (Just make sure we can legally ship beer to your state.)" - Mobcraft Beer

The Ask: $400,000 for 16% equity.

How it went down: The pitch is pretty simple as Schwartz explains how his company gives the customer a voice. The company is all about building a customer relationship and satisfaction. Then, it was time for the tasting.

The sharks seem to love the beers each with their own favorites of course. When it came to the sour beers, the sharks weren't too pleased.

To vote for a beer you have to pre-order the beer up to $25's worth. Herjavec goes over the process and figures out that the beer is shipped straight to the house.

$350,000 of beer has been sold and they are on track to sell $500,000 but will have a $28,000 loss. Schwartz explained that there are still partners in the business. Schwartz takes the business to a lot of beer festivals in order to help get the word out.

O'Leary doesn't seem to like the model Scwhartz is using. O'Leary says that the market is pretty competitive. Herjavec says it's a very high end product but not something he has a passion for and he pulls out.

Greiner likes the vanilla beer but she doesn't see herself investing and pulls out. John pulls out and so does Cuban leaving O'Leary. O'Leary says that Schwartz can make a ton of money simply riding the wave.

O'Leary thinks Schwartz is out of his mind for wanting to manufacture nationwide. O'Leary doesn't believe Schwartz defense and says he is too stubborn. He pulls out of the deal and Schwartz goes home without a deal.

About Beloved Shirts

Jeremiah Robinson brings the sharks Beloved Shirts, a company that specializes in wacky patterned clothing.

Beloved Shirts can contain almost any design possible even internet memes.

Robinson will be looking to take Beloved Shirts to the next level with a sound investment from a shark who has experience in properly marketing these types of commercial products.

"Beloved Shirts is a brand that says it's ok to wear pizza on your clothing. Or anything else you want, really. It's like that one movie, where one day you wake up and everything makes sense." - Beloved Shirts

The Ask: $175,000 for 5% equity.

How it went down: The pitch came in the form of a performance art in a sense. The sharks seem to enjoy the humor and Robinson passes out some product for the sharks to review.

The business is creating clothing that creates a reaction. Katy Perry is one of their biggest influencers and randomly wore one of their pieces.

The cost to goods sold is about 58-60%. Robinson says that everything is made to order but the turn around time is the biggest struggle at 30 days.

They have done $2.3 million in sales in two years. Robinson says that updating the backend of their company could make all the difference.

Cuban says the challenge is Robinson needs an angle. Robinson plans to go into selective retail. Cuban says he thinks Robinson deserves congratulations but hasn't quite gotta his business together yet and pulls out. Herjavec says it's really fun stuff but he pulls out. Greiner says that Robinson is very sku heavy and thinks Robinson should narrow it down to his best sellers.

She doesn't feel like it is investable and pulls out. O'Leary says that the evaluation is ridiculous and he pulls out.

He also forbids John from going in. John offers 175,000 for 25% equity and Robinson counters for 15%. John counters with 22% firm and Robinson respectfully declines the offer going home without a deal.

About IllumiBowl

Matt Alexander hoopes to bring a little light to the toilet with IllumiBowl.

He and Michael Kannely pitch IllumiBowl, a pretty large nightlight that replaces the tiny ones on the wall. Will the sharks want to take a bite out of the business or will it be lights out for the prospecting company?

"You can set your IllumiBowl to any single color or color-rotate (Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, White).

Your IllumiBowl color changing night light will make your toilet bowl glow every time you walk into your bathroom at night." - IllumiBowl

The Ask: $100,000 for 15% equity.

How it went down: The guys begin explaining the toilet in the room. The motion activated toilet bowl nightlight will turn itself on with a soft glow.

The sharks receive some samples and John asks if the light stays on the entire visit. The light has a 2 minute timer but turns back on with movement.

Herjavec argues that night lights seem fine and doesn't quite see the need for the IllumiBowl. Each unit costs $19.99 with just over $3.00 to manufacture. The guys want to launch online so they plan on using the money to stock up.

John says IllumiBowl does need them and pulls out. O'Leary offers $100,000 for 25%. Cuban says it's a product not a company and pulls out.

Herjavec thinks they will run fast and he won't make an offer better than O'Leary so, he pulls out of the deal as well. The guys counter with an offer in the middle but O'Leary declines.

Greiner doesn't want to compete with the Squatty Potty and pulls out. The guys end up making a deal with O'Leary.

About Innovation Pet, Inc.

Victoria Coopman and Tim Taft are the team Innovation Pet, Inc. The company specializes in a pretty wide range of products for pets.

From housing to toys, Innovation Pet, Inc. features a very extensive listing of products to make your pets feel comfortable and loved.

"Innovation Pet, Inc.

is a USA pet products company with a professional team that includes over 30 years experience in the pet industry.

We offer quality innovative products that meet the needs and solves problems for pets and their caring guardians." - Innovation Pet, Inc.

The Ask: $250,000 for 5% equity.

How it went down: The sharks cringe when they hear the ask. Coopman and Taft make a pretty smooth pitch.

The sharks seem to enjoy the pet friends and demonstration. Herjavec jokes that he knows a lot about being in the dog house.

John says he just purchased six chicken coups and finds out that he got a bad deal on the coups he bought. O'Leary wants to get to the evaluation and Taft says that in one year the company will hit $2.5 million in sales. They do sell in larger pet stores as well with a 27% gross margin.

Herjavec says that he likes what they are doing but they need way more capital. He says he can't help them and pulls out of the deal.

Cuban says he thinks they are brilliant for what they are doing but it doesn't fit his wheelhouse and he pulls out. O'Leary says the problem with the deal is the 5%. Greiner says the future is more of a licensing play but she doesn't want to change the whole structure, so, she pulls out. O'Leary says what they need is factory, money.

O'Leary wants to know how he gets his money back. O'Leary says he will do $250,000 but he wants a 6% royalty oh sales and the equity immediately.

John says the 5% is rough and offers $250,000 for 12.5% but he wants 25% of online sales, which he will build. The team takes John's deal.