'Shark Tank' Recap: 'ABS Protein Pancakes,' 'Extreme Sandbox,' 'Fire Avert' & 'Total Tie Keep'

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In the special Tuesday night airing of ABC's Shark TankABS Protein Pancakes, Extreme Sandbox, Fire Avert and Total Tie Keep try to wheel and deal with Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner and Kevin O'Leary for the perfect investment.

John, Cuban, Herjavec, O'Leary and Greiner all hear pitches from a new batch of companies willing to give a portion of their company away for the right investment.

About ABS Protein Pancakes

Ashley Drummonds and her partner Josh McClellan are pitching a tasty new way to get a fit body with ABS Protein Pancakes.

ABS Protein Pancakes offers a low calorie version of a beloved breakfast food that is 100 percent natural and gluten free. ABS stands for authentic beauty and stregth.

"My name is Ashley Drummonds and I am the creator of ABS Protein Pancakes and here is a little story as to how the ABS protein Pancake line came about which all starts with my own personal journey.

My journey to create a HEALTHY Pancake mix that you can literally eat EVERY DAY (like I do) that is made up of a Custom blend of protein that is Non GMO, All Natural, Gluten Free, Low Carb, High Protein, and has the highest quality of taste." - ABS Protein Pancakes

The Ask: $120,000 for 40% equity.

How it went down: Drummond and McClellan made a pitch that was geared towards the health conscious individual which seems perfect for the whole New Years resolution.

They presented the sharks with their protein pancakes and even gave them a taste.

The Sharks did enjoy the taste and Cuban said that it was a little like angel food cake. There is a bit of an after taste because of the natural sweetener and John and Herjavec believes that the cake is too dry.

Cuban says the more he eats the more he gets used to it.

They have sold for 11 months and went over $100,000 in profits. It costs $12-14 to make and sells for $42.95. The cost is high because they order in small quantities. They could get the cost down but not by much. Cuban says they aren't a company yet and pulls out.

John is shocked by the sales price and finds it too challenging so he pulls out of the deal. Greiner doesn't like the flavor of it and decides to pull out as well.

Herjavec is in a sharky mood and offers $120,000 for 50 percent.

O'Leary pulls out because he doesn't have the taste. The sharks are actually trying to convince Herjavec to drop out and he only drops down to 49 percent but John jumps in and steals the deal for $120,000 for 42 percent equity.

About Extreme Sandbox

Randy Stenger is pitching the sharks the Extreme Sandbox which he describes as a heavy equipment adventure company." If you were a kid and played with toy Caterpillar machines the fun doesn't have to stop as a child.

Extreme Sandbox allows you to continue to fulfill the need to operate heavy machinery in an open area.

"We are an extreme adventure company focused on giving you the ultimate experience! Our instructors are highly trained and their goal is to ensure you have a safe and fun experience." - Extreme Sandbox

The Ask: $150,000 for 15% equity.

How it went down: Stenger already begins pulling the childhood card during his pitch. He presents a pretty extreme video showing how the heavy equipment adventure works. Stenger calls it a bucket list experience.

O'Leary asks about the car crushing and Stenger says the average customer pays $300 but $400 to crush a car. The company has done $1 million in sales. Herjavec was interested in the site which was all leased at first, according to Stenger.

He leases everything which lowers the cost of a land. Stenger is looking to expand and Dallas is one of the points he has his sites on.

Stenger believes each location can make $1 million. Greiner doesn't see how it can be scaled so she pulls out of the deal. John finds it fascinating but doesn't think he can get any value and pulls out. O'Leary says he wants to crush a car and says he will give him $150,000 for 20 percent.

Herjavec says that his problem is going to be scale and is not passionate about the company so he pulls out. Cuban likes the idea and does something he never thought he could do.

He asks Stenger to convince O'Leary to come in on the deal but O'Leary doesn't even need convincing. Cuban and O'Leary are in a joined deal for $150,000 for 20 percent in Extreme Sandbox.

About Total Tie Keep

Total Tie Keep was pitched by Dwight Littlejohn who happens to be a federal agent. He is pitching a neck tie accessory that prevents you from having to adjust your tie all of the time.

It's pretty versatile and can be pretty useful to someone who always has to look sharp all of the time.

"The creators of the Total Tie Keep, 1st Mpression, LLC , have spent years looking for ways to improve the style, comfort and performance of clothing and accessories for today's Professional Male.

We will always strive to work just as hard to satisfy our customers as we do on researching new functional attire concepts." - Total Tie Keep

The Ask: $50,000 for 25% equity

How it went down: Littlejohn gives the sharks a tutorial on how to use the Total Tie Keep and describes the theory of command presence.

They retail for $25 for a pack of four and costs him $3 to make. He doesn't quite have the time to dedicate completely which is why he needs an investor.

Littlejohn doesn't have any sales according to the sharks and they don't think it's going to have his full effort, which is what he needs. Cuban doesn't believe in ties and he pulls out of the deal.

Greiner says she is not the right partner because she can't relate at all pulls out of the deal.

O'Leary says he needs 116% percent of the company for the money Littlejohn is asking for. Herjavec says starting a business is not a part time job and pulls out.

O'Leary says he is in it for the money and says it's not a business it's a hobby and pulls out. John also pulls out and Littlejohn goes home without an investment.

About Fire Avert

Peter Thorpe is a firefighter who is willing to help consumers prevent fires with Fire Avert. The fire prevention system is geared towards the stovetop because unattended cooking is one of the top causes of fires.

Thorpe wants to keep consumers safe with the Fire Avert.

"FireAvert is plug-in ready. Your home will be protected from stove fires in minutes, simply plug it into the back of your stove.

There is always smoke before fire. This is why FireAvert is activated by your smoke alarm, cutting the power to your stove and oven before there is a flame." - Fire Avert

The Ask: $300,000 for 7% equity.

How it went down: Thorpe pitches his product and Herjavec brings up the point that there should be a lot more smoke before an alarm goes off.

Thorpe says that stovetop fires are the number one cause of fires in the U.S.

The product costs $195 and it costs $45 to make, which surprises all of the sharks. Thorpe is going to make $750,000 this year in sales and the sharks are very impressed however, Thorpe only owns 30 percent of the company.

The largest shareholders of the company is one of his friends who owns 60 percent of the company because he needed money.

Cuban pulls out because he thinks Thorpe needs to keep his stake in the company. John pulls out for the same reason and so does Greiner. Herjavec isn't interested and also pulls out of the deal.

Thorpe really wants an investment in the company and O'Leary offers him a way to gain more of his company. He offers to buy out the shares that Thorpe's friends has for $300,000.

Herjavec offers $400,000 and Cuban decides to be Thorpe's middleman. Jeff says he doesn't believe that Herjavec or O'Leary will be able to offer more than him in the business.

Jeff will not sell for $300,000. O'Leary pulls out and so does Herjavec. Thorpe wants Greiner to come in so that she can sell the product on QVC. Thorpe offers $300,000 for 12 percent but Greiner wants to do $300,000 as a loan for 15 percent royalties until she is paid back with 5 percent interest. After she will have the 12 percent equity after. O'Leary counter offers for $300,000 for 10 percent royalty and 5 percent equity. Thorpe goes with Greiner's deal.