Emerging Artists to Watch: Russ Releases 'Potential'

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You may or may not have heard of Russ before but chances are if you have you'd probably be impressed by his versatility and realness on each of his tracks.

Recently Russ released a new track titled, "Potential" and it's got all the necessary pieces of a hit.

What you can expect from Russ' music is brutal honesty, smooth vibes and incredible song writing. Russ is also able to ride the line of hip-hop and R&B music with his versatility making him similar to artists like Bryson Tiller and Drake in that sense. On "Potential" Russ concentrates on the R&B approach to give fans a little insight into the types of ladies he falls in love with or rather their "Potential" he falls in love with.

The song is smooth and takes a dark melancholic tone with the sounds of an organ playing in the background.

Russ' vocals are very unique and is something that isn't really present in music at the moment, not to mention the fact that all of the tracks are also produced by Russ.

Along with "Potential," Russ has released a slew of tracks featuring associated single artwork.

Tracks like "Tsunami" showcase Russ' ability to spit some pretty deep lyrics that are relatable to the listener. Other notable and recent tracks from Russ include, "The Formula," "Down For You," "Losin Control" and "10 Year Freestyle."

Listen to "Potential" by Russ