Selena Gomez's Dad Is Now An ASAP Rocky Fan

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This week Selena Gomez and A$AP Rocky shook things up in the music world with their new track titled, "Good For You." Now, it looks like Gomez's dad has listened to the track and A$AP Rocky might have a new fan.

("Good For You" Audio Below)

"My papa- 'who's that young man rappin?' Me- 'A$AP Rocky' Papa- 'oh he's very good.' (10 min ago)" read Gomez's recent tweet.

It seems as if she's having one of those funny father moments where the most unexpected words come out of your dad's mouth. Either way, it looks like A$AP Rocky has gained a new fan which is surprising giving the nature of the song.

Fans have been raving about the collaboration since it's initial release on June 21.

Rocky noticed the tweet and quickly retweeted it.

Adding to the hilarious nature of it all Rocky's previous tweet talked about him wanting to watch "Dexter's Laboratory," in a cozy robe, smoking blunts, wearing a du-rag with getting a specific sexual act performed on him during commercial breaks.

We can only wonder what Papa Gomez would think if he read that tweet.

Gomez's upcoming is becoming more hyped as the new singles emerge and she told the On Air With Ryan Seacrest radio team it's marking a rebirth.

"I'm not the best singer in the world, but I know how to translate emotion and I have a lower register that I hated when I was younger and now I kind of know how to use that. I'm just finding my strengths now as an artist. I'm becoming a young woman and I'm comfortable with my sensuality.

It's just kind of not try-hard. It's just perfect. I think to me that was exactly what I want people to see for the next chapter for me," Gomez told the Seacrest according to Ryan Seacrest.

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"Good For You" By Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky