Seinfeld Fans: Bob Sacamano Found?

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So Seinfeld has been off the air for 17 years, and you would think that most shows that old start to enter their 'ironic' phase at this point. Not Seinfeld.

The show is still shown in syndication so much that we haven't even had a chance to miss it.

One the best parts of Seinfeld (that's a broad statement) is the inclusion of so many of Kramers friends. Whether it was Slippery Pete, Franklin Delano Romanowski, or the most prolific... Newman. One the friends that was mentioned in at least 10 episodes (mostly late in the series) was Bob Sacamano.

Bob was something of an enigma, always the subject of some story and yet he was never seen on the show. The most epic moment involving Bob Sacamano was the story Kramer told to Elaine in the 'Van Buren Boys" episode.

This story was called 'the perfect irony' where Kramer was on the phone with Bob and then needed to return a pair of pants to the store.

He then fell and got mud on his pants, ruining them. Of course, he was wearing the pants he was returning.

Well 17 years later we did some Nev and Max Catfishing and looked to see if we could find him.

Our best candidate was this guy. He lives in NYC, is part of some vague think tank, and described his background as:

I'm really really good at what I do

Let's be honest, this sounds like thee Bob Sacamano.

Now according to series writer Larry Charles, Bob Sacamano was a real-life friend, so could this be the mysterious inspiration for the show? The ironic part of this whole article is that the linkedin profile doesn't have a photo.