'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Wanna Play a Game?' Season 1 episode 3, And So It Begins

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In the last episode of MTV's "Scream: The TV Series," The Killer revealed his motive to Emma. Things are being set in motion in "Wanna Play A Game?" The game officially begins in the third episode of the first season.

Emma finds out that her mother, Maggie, is connected to the Brandon James murders. Kieren helps her after Sheriff Hudson opens up a murder investigation. Noah talks to Shay about his theories on the killer.

Brooke gets into a bit of trouble. The killer forces Emma into a "game" that's involves choosing between two people to be the next victim.

The episode begins with someone running across an open field. She runs into a man who tells her it's okay that they lost him but she's killed.

He tries to run away but the masked killer gets to him. Turns out they were part of Brandon James's murders. Noah and Shay are discussing who's possibly behind the murderers.

Speaking about murders, Maggie is showing Sheriff Hudson the findings on Rachel's death. He asks her about telling Emma about what happened. She says it'd bring up the past. Too bad Emma over heard her.

Brooke is having a video chat with the english teacher. She's trying to seduce hime but he's not falling for it. In the woods, Jake is digging up a locked box.

He opens it up only to find nothing. Audrey is at Rachel's funeral and is contemplating her own suicide. Emma walks in just in time.

To tell Audrey what she over heard, that Rachel's death was a murder. She pretends there is nothing else but Audrey notices some kind of cue that she does when she's not telling the whole truth.

Jake goes to tell Will that all their money is gone. Turns out Will has it and he's holding it ransom until Jake shuts down the video feed.

Emma is telling Audrey about the phone calls she's getting. Audrey decides that they should question him right back to see if they'll get some answers. Riley's picking Brooke's mind about how things went down with Noah.

Will corners Emma outside of the bathroom to give her back an old ipod he had found in his car.

He brings up a sentimental memory and it seems to be working. Both Kieran and Brooke have overseen these exchanges and neither seems very happy.

In english class, Mr. B is frantically searching his room for the naughty picture. He splits them into pairs to perform scenes from a play.

The pairs are Emma and Kieran, Audrey and Will, Brooke and Seth. In the library, Emma gets Kieran to let her see the old Brandon James case files. He's bringing them to her house.

Riley and Noah are having disagreements in their choice of plays. Riley asks him why he didn't call and Noah smoothes it over.

At Emma's house, Kieran has brought over the files.

As they flip through the pages they find a picture of Brandon James. Kieran suddenly has to go home but not before he finds the paper that tells them that her mom was Brandon James's obsession.

Jake sneaks up on Brooke who is waiting for someone else.

Maggie comes home to Emma asking her about the past. She tells her that she's still getting phone calls from the guy. Emma tells her that she overheard them on the trip.

She wants answers but her mother refuses to give them to her. Noah guides a blindfolded Riley into the place he works at. He's set up a big video game marathon. She it totally into it.

Emma receives a call. It's from the killer. He tells her that he'll answer questions on his own time.

He just wants to gain Emma's trust. She tells him that she doesn't want to hear from him anymore.

He tells her he's going to find someone else to play with. Thus Riley gets a text for help from the very dead Tyler.

The gang has been rounded up. Riley tells them about the text and Brooke got the same text. Emma thinks that it's the killer that's texting.

She says they should go to the cops. Riley doesn't agree and storms out.

Jake and Will plan to call Tyler and tell that they'll bring the money. The girls plan to catch Tyler by getting him to meet Riley in the park.

Out in the dark, Will and Jake are fighting over the money. Will might not want to angry Jake, he's holding a shovel.

Fortunately, Jake backs off, good thing to because Will had a knife. In a different part of the woods, Riley is in the meeting spot. A vehicle approaches.

Brooke gets a text that lures her away from the other girls. The police watch as a man gets out of the car and approaches their staged officer.

They wrestle the perp to the ground but it turns out not to be their guy.

He was paid by a stranger to go there and deliver a piece of paper. The paper says nice try with a horrid picture of the Scream's face.

Riley confides in Emma about bailing on Noah. She reasures them that it'll be fine. Maggie comes in and tells them that he was a no show. Emma finally realizes that Brooke is gone. Brooke has gone to the hotel to meet up with Mr.

B. But he's not there, only a message to dress in some bondage. Emma asks the killer where her friends are. He tells her to choose. She tells him not to hurt Brooke.

At the station, Riley waits form Emma to get back. She's called outside by a text. She see's Tyler's car and starts towards it. He doesn't answers she calls his name so she texts hime.

He replies that he's right there so she turns around only to see the killer. She runs but he chases after her and slashes her leg.

She collapses on the roof but the janitor still has his earbuds in and can't hear her. Noah calls her as she's dying.

Emma returns to the police station. They find Riley's body.

"Wanna Play a Game," took "Scream: The TV Series" out of establishing characters into the the suspenseful thriller it needs to be. The killer has just started to really play with Emma and the people around her.

As viewers we already care about some characters so now the show is free to go wild in the bloodshed and mystery aspects. To see what happens next, catch "Scream" on MTV at 10pm.