'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Revelations' Season 1 Episode 10, The Killer Truth

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The truth is about to be revealed on MTV's "Scream: The TV Series." The season one finale will be filled with "Revelations."

As Emma comes closer to figuring out just who the killer truly is, the killer is narrowing in on their final victims. Last week, the episode hinted at Kieran being the possible killer and saw his father, Sheriff Hudson, chained to a tree.

As well as Branson's bloody escape from prison. Brooke, Noah, and Audrey are continuing their own investigations into parts of the mystery.

Picking up where it left off, Maggie rushes off to the station because Branson's escape looks staged. Piper believes it's creepy as well, she tells Emma not to trust anyone. So of course she doesn't listen.

She calls Kieran, who ignores the call in order to load a gun. Noah is tracking the signal and points out that Brooke probably doesn't know. Something's fishy with her phone because texts aren't going out or in.

The killer calls to promise her a gut wrenching ending. Emma and Noah decide to head to the station so she can tell her mom about the call.

She and her mom find a clue in the officer's mouth. A present that Brandon James used to leave for her at tree.

Alone at her party, Brooke decides to start talking to Audrey. They start bonding over the events of the past few days.

Jake shows up with another girl, to make Brooke jealous obviously. Maggie, Emma, and the police find Hudson tied to a tree in her childhood backyard. They start untying him but the ropes were holding his wounds closed.

Maggie tells Emma to go with an officer as a way to keep her safe. Piper offers to go to Brooke's party in order to warn her about the past events.

In order to get back at Jake, Brooke starts flirting with a random guy at her party. At the station, Emma get a call from Noah. He's figured out the malware and that the killer is stationed at Brooke's house.

Noah and Emma rush into the danger without any protection. Brooke's alone in her wine cellar, worse place ever. But Jake shows up to apologize.

She doesn't accept it though. His date, however finds a body in the bathroom. When everyone rushes away, Audrey goes to investigate. The killer shows up and knocks her out.

Brooke returns to an empty house. She calls out for everyone but her only response is Branson showing up.

He tells her about a masked man who released him from prison. Brooke doesn't believe him. She refuses to let him in.

The killer appears and locks Brooke in the freezer. The fridge is continually stabbed until the knife finally catches her. The fridge is turned on before the killer leaves.

Apparently, he got a text from Emma to go to the party. However, Emma can't really believe it.

That doesn't really seem to matter though when Emma is forced to break the news that his father is dead. His little breakdown seems legit enough to be trustworthy.

They continue into the house. Kieran tells Noah to check the back porch. Guess it's time to tell him goodbye.

He finds Audrey's things. Brooke is slowly running out of time. Jake shows up in front of Kieran and Emma, just in time to hear Brooke's banging.

She's saved! They leave Brooke with Jake to keep searching for Audrey. But she finds Noah first, completely fine except for an arm slash.

As Piper is the only one they haven't found she's either the killer or already dead. The killer calls threatening her mother.

She leaves the other to go to the dock where Brandon James died. The killer shows up. Piper is in fact the killer.

That's interesting because she was attacked with Will. Emma goes for the predictable stab but Piper gets her instead.

Maggie attacks Piper and gets stabbed. Piper goes after Emma again. She's just about to go for the kill but Audrey shoots her.

Piper falls into the lake just like her father. She almost gets out again but Emma shoots her. She hints that those kinds of killers always come back, one way or another.

The police is searching the lake for Piper's body. They take her mother to the hospital but apparently, Emma's was just a flesh wound. She apologizes to Kieran. Noah finishes Piper's podcasts. Jake finally deletes all malware.

However it seems that Audrey was in contact with Piper for a while before the killings. Dun Duuun.

"Revelations," was by far the best episode of the season. It answered enough of this season's big questions while also leaving some open for the next. Emma's development as a character came full circle from the push over and almost naive person she was before.

The death count was well on par for an ending of a slasher. Rewatch the first season and try to pinpoint the moments that hint to the killer's identity.