'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Psycho' Season 2 Episode 2

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It's all about secrets on A peek into Emma's past and her connection to the pig farm in "Psycho," the second episode of the second season, may reveal some more.

Emma's relationship with her mother becomes even more strained when Maggie shares a little too much of her daughter's past. Audrey works harder to figure out who's sending her text and what they want from her.

A new person in town makes it harder for Emma to get a handle on her fear. A new lead comes up that Noah thinks will be a great addition to his podcast.

Picking up right where we left off last time, Emma rushes out of the house next to the barn. She grabs Brooke and they rush away.

Sketched out, Emma confronts her mom. She has always known about the barn because she used to go visit the family when Emma was a child. However, she does not know who is currently living at the house.

She comes up with the brilliant idea that she and Emma should go back to the house...still in the middle of the night. There's nothing in the house now.

Emma ditches her mom the next morning to go talk with Kieran. He believes her that there was a mystery squatter.

As she's leaving a light blue car starts to follow her. Noah has a new lead on the person harassing Audrey. Someone with the screen name Eddie Kruger says they saw who Piper's accomplice was

Brooke doesn't believe that Emma actually say anything inside the house.

Meeting up together for the first time since Emma's celebration party, they finally realize that Jake is missing.

Audrey gets a text that she believes that the girl from the movie theater has something to do with the messages she's getting.

Emma's crazy night means that she missed her tutoring session with Zoey, who fully understands. In class, Brooke broke down and texted Jake.

Emma has her own break through and takes her teacher up on talking. Audrey offers to film Noah's podcast with Eddie Kruger.

Emma runs into a kid who doesn't yet go to the school and knows her name. In a meeting with her father, Brooke is more interested in old texts from Jake. After agreeing to go the the Lady of the Lake event, because it won't kill her, Brooke goes.

Her father gets Brooke's texts to his phone. He attempts to call Jake.

Kieran comes home to the new Sheriff in his living room. He's been called in about partying and so learns that he's been living on his own.

The deal Kieran had going with his aunt is broken and he'll have to move to Atlanta. Emma mourns the loss of a shoulder to cry on.

Brooke goes to the police station to file a missing persons report on Jake. She sits down next to son. They have a discussion. Just as she's about to talk to the police she gets a text from Jake.

Emma's mom goes to speak with Kieran's aunt. Out with her teacher, Emma gets real. However, the teacher seems to be using Emma for her story. At least she's giving out some good advice.

There are flowers and a note on her car which she assumes is from Jake. Emma goes to visit Kieran.

The boy from school is Kieran's cousin, Eli. When Emma asks Kieran to go on a drive with her, Eli starts to convince his mother that they should move into the house.

Brooke's getting ready for a makeup session with Jake. She even tells her father about their relationship. Too bad it's just a little too late.

Noah arrives at the motel. Emma has taken Kieran to the dock in order to face her fears. She sees the new killer but believes it's just a trick of her own mind. Time for victory sex in Kieran's car!

Noah's talking to Eddie when he gets a phone call what sounds like the killer.

It's only Audrey but the length she's going through to keep her involvement with Piper quiet is reminiscent of the real killer.

She pops up in time for Noah to invite her to check out a storage shed that has stuff left by motel residents.

Good news, Kieran is staying. Bad news, so is his aunt and cousin. Silly Emma decides that she would like to walk home. The car starts.

She calls her mom to make up just before the blue car makes it's presence known. It chases her when she runs and corners her.

Her stalker is revealed as...her father. He's here to tell her he's back in town.

Audrey sneaks into the storage area as Noah starts his new podcast. Brooke goes to Jake's house but no one answers the door.

In the shadows, the sheriff's son watches her. In the storage locker, Audrey finds Jake and a note to her from the killer.

"Scream: The TV Series" throws more into the mystery of just who keeps tormenting these teens in "Psycho." The death of another friend and the realization that the murder spree is not over yet has come back to haunt them.

Find out just who is trust worthy and who is playing them all next Monday on MTV.