'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Season 2 Premiere Episode 1

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Last season, Scream was revealed but a few dots were left unconnected. "I Know What You Did Last Summer," the season premiere of season 2, picks up months later when a new threat makes themselves known.

After killing her half sister, Piper, and taking a need vacation, Emma makes her return to Lakewood. Jake, Audrey, Noah, Brooke, and Kieran welcome her back with open arms.

Emma's ready to move on from the past, however, she begins to have nightmares that leave her with the feeling that the horrors are not over. Audrey's being haunted by someone determined to expose her connection to Piper.

A blonde on the phone with her bff, talking about some boy when the girl notices her cat missing. Rather than let the cat wonder, she has to check the creepy attic for her cat. The killer allows her to find her cat before dropping from the ceiling.

Turns out it's Becca...the earliest reveal. Only it's a movie Audrey is watching in theaters.

She gets the text about an unknown phone about going to a party but refuses to give her their name. The only clue they give is that they're a friend of a friend. Locking up the movie theater, means that Audrey alone.

Well, not too alone. A fan has lingered in order to snap a pick with the girl who killed Piper. A figure runs through the picture.

Audrey goes for her keys to let the girl out but they aren't there. The girl then leads Audrey into an empty theater. She disappears and a killer appears.

They chase her through the theater. In an act of desperation, she breaks an ice pick out of a display case and stabs the killer. Only he's not a killer just one half of a prank team.

At a party at Kieran's new bachelor's pad, Emma finally reunites with her friends. Kieran opens the door for her and they share a long hug. Inside, Emma informs her friends that she just wants to be normal again.

Emma and Kieran spend a few moments alone outside, catching up with each other. Emma hints at staying the night so of course cue awkward nerd, Noah.

He propositions Emma about being on his radio show. It's a hard pass from her.

Party's over and Audrey gets a call. The new mystery person is making their intentions known.

They want to punish Audrey for murdering someone. She goes straight to Noah, who has come across comments on his podcast about the attack. He

Brooke and Jake have broken into the school pool for some sexy times and talk about their secret relationship.

This man doesn't wanna be a secret anymore. But one dick move has them splitting up in the dark school as Jake admits he's in love with Brooke.

The other couple in this little six pack of friends, is starting to make out when Emma gets a little panicky about the scar on her stomach. During the night Emma is woken up by the sound of a pig squealing.

She goes to investigate and walk into a dream scene. She follows a little girl into a barn where she's running her hands through the insides of a pig.

She wakes up to find that Kieran is sleeping on the couch. Wanting to prove Brooke wrong, Jake goes out to a barn. Alone.

It's not too hard to see where this is going. Sure enough, Jake steps into a bear trap and falls to the ground. The killer appears and proceeds to bash Jake's head in with a bat.

Back at home, Emma and her mom have an argument. Maggie discovered that she stayed the night with Kieran.

She feels like Emma is trying to run away from her. Emma admits that she hasn't forgiven her mother for what happened.

Audrey has become even more noticed at school. Brooke breaks the news that she and Jake broke up. They're nervous about Emma's first day back.

She's not but she might not be as alright as she thinks. Good thing she's got the support of her friends. Emma and Brooke are discussing their respective romances.

The teacher of psychology arrives and picks on Emma the moment she spots the cute new boy. The teacher starts talking about dream analysis and Noah gives us the horror history of the season.

It gets him the attention of the girl Zoey. Also cute guy is the son of the new Sheriff...seems familiar. Except cute guy is doodling a bloody version of Emma.

After class, Emma asks Zoey to help her catch up in class. Kieran shows up for the first time, he's not really seeming into the relationship anymore. The new guy pops up in front of Noah and tells him he's focusing on the wrong part of the horror story.

He has to watch the middle. Audrey comes up to him and shows him the threatening text she's getting. He makes her go to the police.

Slight good news, Jake is alive. He's been moved inside the barn with the message, What can this boy do, interrupted.

At the police's station, Audrey gets the text that the strange person knows what she did last summer. She doesn't file the report. Apparently Brooke and Emma don't talk about anything except Kieran and Jake.

Audrey goes to apologize for yelling at Noah. She finally asks about the murder board. Noah believes that the person who instigated the theater prank is the one who sent her the texts

Kieran and Emma have a serious talk about their relationship and the past events. It makes her realize that talking things through might actually help her get past it. She goes onto Noah's show and sees the new murder board.

She takes a good look and recognizes the barn from her dreams. It belonged to Brandon James brother. She wants to go see it.

At the barn, Jake has manages to break the lock in the barn. However, the doors swing open to reveal the killer. They force Jake back into the barn and follow him in.

Just put the poor boy out of his misery. Emma brings Brooke to the pig farm in the middle of the night.

No matter how much Brooke asks fro them to leave she wont. As they're about to leave Emma sees a light on in the house.

Jake is stung up like a pig and the killer, quite literally, slaughters him. At work Audrey gets a message from her stalker. One cubicle in the bathroom has a bunch of letters from Audrey to Piper are taped up.

Back at the house, every fearless Emma goes into the dark creepy house. The person has a bunch of clippings from the past murders and pictures of Emma as a little girl.

"I Know What You Did Last Summer," has followed the same no one is safe rule that it did before.

With this new killer on the loose and a few new students to fill in the gaps from characters lost in the past, Scream: The TV Series, promises to be full of red herrings and gore in this new season.

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