'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Happy Birthday to Me' Season 2 Episode 4, Beware When Opening Gifts

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It's time for a party on MTV's Scream: The TV Series, and everyone's ready for a mind blowing experience in "Happy Birthday to Me," the fourth episode of the second season.

Jake's absence is finally becoming more worrying to his friends, none more so than Brooke. That is until a surprise gift arrives for her from him.

It arrives just in time for Kieran's birthday party and if there's one thing a killer loves it's a party. Emma, Audrey, Noah and the rest find themselves haunted by images from their subconscious.

In a scramble to get rid of the murder weapon, Audrey buries it. A pretty sweet make out dream turns into a nightmare when the killer shows for Emma.

The Killer isn't gonna let Audrey get rid of it that easy and returns the corkscrew to her by placing it in her bed. Emma is confronted with her parents.

Kieran's cousin seems to be up to no good, Kieran warns him against messing up their situation. Emma runs into Eli at the coffee shop.

In between filling out questions on an application he convinces her to through Kieran a party. Audrey is getting creeper vibes from Stavo and takes some very obvious pictures of him on her phone.

The fire alarm in the school goes off, it's just a ruse for Audrey to go through Stavo's creepy drawings of the Lakewood Six. Brooke's dad is miffed at Jake for ignoring him and goes to the police to track him down.

Finally. Noah asks Zoey to Emma's party but fails good thing Brooke's their to watch his back.

After sending Kieran away, Emma goes to set up for the party with Eli. The Sheriff starts digging into Jake.

Noah tries out date outfits while Audrey tries to get information on Stavo. Birthday set up is going maybe a little too well but thankfully Brooke arrives with some gifts left on the porch. The card says "Jake."

The party's in full and Stavo's handing out the shots to take when Kieran arrives. When he does get there he's not pleased but covers it up.

Brooke lets it slip that the tequila they got was from Jake. Audrey immediately becomes suspicious but it's too late cause everyone's getting sick.

After figuring out they'd been dosed, the Lakewood Six decides to contain everyone inside the house. Things start to get real and some people are having more trouble than others. Stavo brings Brooke in another room to try to help her through it.

She hallucinates Jake telling her, she still loves him. Audrey gets forgiveness from her dead girlfriend. Zoey urges Noah and Audrey into a three way make out.

Emma wanders off into the woods following some creepy child. She starts seeing the pig farm again and a little further notices the killer.

Her dad pops up just in time for the killer to disappear. He says he didn't see anyone, though.

The Sheriff goes through Stavo's things after Audrey tells him about the picture.

He finds drawings of a pig, flies, a scalpel and then a girl. Just as Jake's parents are getting back to him he finds a replica of the Brandon James mask.

Emma talks to Kieran and he tells her the killer couldn't have been out there. Noah tries to ask Zoey on another date but she believes she's his second choice.Eli apologizes for the party but it just leaves Emma more angry with him.

At the assembly Broke is called to stage and takes her spot in the center. The rope for the banner is pulled and blood and guts are spilled from it followed by Jake's body.

Scream: The TV Series, played head games with the Lakewood Six in "Happy Birthday to Me." The killer's out to make them all suffer through fear.

Continue watching to find out just who the killer is and check out extra content on the MTV website.