'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Ghosts' Season 1 Episode 8, The Past Always Haunts

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Last week, MTV's "Scream: The TV Series" said goodbye to the jock who had Emma's heart. Unlike last time, Emma's not going to be able to mourn when the killer is closer than before in "Ghosts," season one's eighth episode.

Will is dead and Emma is not taking it well. She feels guilty for being the trigger on the gruesome machine that took Will's life. But she's also angry. More secrets about the past come to light and back to haunt those who buried them in the first place, including Maggie.

Noah and Audrey are still suspicious of Mr. Branson. Brooke continues to investigate her mother's disappearance. And Kieren gets closer to Emma.

Picking up where the last episode left off. Piper is writing an article about Will's death. Poor Mama Will, had to walk in to see her son all chopped up.

Emma is talking to a psychiatrist about her feelings about the death. She's also replaying the recording she heard at the bowling alley, over and over in her head.

Surprisingly, Noah has gone to go visit Jake. While the jerk is unconscious he admits to tagging up Jake's car.

Poor boy doesn't know his bestie is now dead. Brooke returns before Noah can break the new to him. So it's now Brooke's job to relay the bad news.

Manly tears. Maggie is surprised when Emma decides that she's going back to school. Emma wants normal life but her mom doubts that it's going to happen right away.

The sheriff is trying to puzzle together the murders when Piper comes to his office with the suspicious video of the mayor. She doesn't want to post the story if it could mean her life.

Audrey and Noah confront Emma when she gets into school. They both don't really think she should be trying to be normal. Her bottled up emotions start to leak when she see's Will's locker tribute.

Brooke was the one who gave Piper the footage of her father. Now she's feeling guilty. Mr. Branson's lesson plans are a paralleling the events going on.

Guess that makes him a murderer. The mayor's not answering any of the Sheriff's question until he gets to talk to Brooke.

Brooke won't talk to him until she talks to her mom. Good thing, Sheriff's got her on speed dial.

Kieran's pulling through that pause Emma put on their relationship last episode. Dude's only been dead a couple of days. Emma's in the bathroom alone, abusing her meds because she's being haunted by Will's split body.

The Sheriff has been busy. He thinks that the mayor is just another distraction and that he's located Emma's dad. Audrey and Noah find Emma in the library looking up insomnia.

They urge her to talk and finally Emma speaks her feelings. But Noah ruins it. Alone, Emma starts to hallucinate Will. That makes her run straight into Kieran's arms.

Well apparently Emma's got a police tail. Where was he when she was running down the hall? Kieran shares his story on lose but no cigar.

Emma doesn't want to get close to anyone in case they're killed.

Piper's at the cafe Emma works out. It seems the reporter is the one to pull her out of the funk and gets Emma into looking for more clues.

Maggie's whipping down a scary knife. She does work with many sharp knives. She denies to the sheriff that she's been in contact with her ex even though he's been close by.

Daisy starts to play at the cafe. Will's ghost actually brings Emma evidence.

But this time her detail has seen and it's back to the hospital with her. And her being alone in the hospital is the perfect time for her father to reveal himself.

The dad is very creepy. He drove right down to see her after a call to his boss but he's been ignoring her letters. Emma admits to hearing the tape and pushes him away.

Sensible, can't choose which tough moments you're there for. Although he could just be another hallucination. Piper is really becoming Emma's new confidant. But like why? Girl hasn't been much help.

Still on the Mr. Branson train, Noah is coming up with some solid theories. They're gonna dig deeper and definitely find something.

Though, doubt he's the actual killer. After talking to her mom, Brooke goes to her Dad. The body is supposedly just a drug addict that overdosed. She rightly doesn't forgive him for the choice of hiding it.

Finally asleep, Emma is being haunted about every moment connected to the killings. Including an old memory of the night her father left. He's saying how he didn't want the baby.

She has a sibling, a Brandon James sibling. But yes, her father wasn't real as well. Emma emails Audrey for the video of the abandoned hospital. On closer inspection there are pictures of baby named Anderson.

Noah and Audrey find the murder weapon along with Mr. Branson's past identity. They call the police but the fact that they're looking deeply into this doesn't sit right with him but he puts an APB out on the teacher.

Mr. Branson is with Brooke, sex offender might be added to his charges.

Emma calls her mom in for some long overdue answers. The ultra sound is Maggie's.

She had the baby but it was given up for adoption. The baby's father is Brandon James, because Maggie was hurt and needed comforting. Only gets them a little closer because Maggie doesn't even know the sex of her baby.

Teacher on student sex is disrupted by a sound Branson hears. He leaves and the curtains are pulled away, all lights on Brooke. The killer has come for her.

Brooke only gets slashed when she runs into Branson. Making it look like he's the killer even more when the police burst in. Branson is arrested.

"Ghosts" is setting us up for the end. All the wheels are in motion and everyone's getting more and more anxious.

They closing in on the truth behind the Brandon James mystery and how it links to their new mystery.

The killers identity is getting clearer, and clearer. Keep close watch to see how it all comes together on Tuesday's at 10pm.