'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Betrayed,' Season 1 episode 6, Trust No One

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This week, MTV's 'Scream: The TV Series' is digging deeper into the Brandon James mystery. While, turning towards a new suspect in the murders in 'Betrayed,' the sixth episode of the first season.

With the boost in confidence from Kieran's gun training, Emma decides she's ready to face her fears. She takes a trip to the old Brandon James house.

Brooke is trying to find some of her own answers, regarding her mother.

As if pinning everything on Will wasn't enough, Jake is blackmailing him from correcting the mistake. Audrey is suddenly in hot water when her DNA ends up on a vital piece of evidence.

Emma and Kieran have finished their roll in the grass and were just laying there. Out in the open? Like there isn't a murder out to get you. Emma decides that they should go to the second most obvious place the killer is, Brandon James' house. Good thing the sun's coming up.

Cause so far no one's been killed during the day. After finding a fresh daisy, they decided to continue looking through the house.

Kieran conveniently disappears. Killer calls and makes it seem like Kieran is the bad guy. A dream sequence? Really? Did she dream having sex with Kieran because she woke up in her room.

Downstairs her mom is kissing on Sheriff Hudson. He quickly splits once Emma catches them, even if she's happy for them. Piper is giving Will the nice guy speech.

What information leads to thinking Will is actually a nice guy? But man is she could at manipulating Will until spilling all of Nina's secrets. Noah's found out that Mr.

Brandson isn't the teachers real name. Audrey doesn't think he's shady because Nina was more shady.

Brooke still believes that her dad killed her mom. But she's at school. Jake convinces her that they should check out the freezer. It's obvious there's a body in there.

Call the cops. Noah prompts Will and Audrey to make up. Why? Who knows. Emma tells Kieran about how his dad is boning her mom.

Maggie is called into the Detective's office. She's suspicious about why it took so long to rule Rachel as a murder.

Even though Maggie tampered with the results, Audrey is being thrown under the bus. She's called out of class in front of everyone for questioning.

Emma and Noah sneak into an empty classroom to discuss their findings. As they're talking about Audrey being framed by Branson, he walks in to talk to Noah in private.

Audrey is talking to the detective and their line of question is obviously pointing to her as the killer. Thankfully, the Hudson busts in to remind us that all her questions are illegal and void.

Will tries to tell Brooke the truth but she's too wrapped up in Jake. With Audrey's father's arrival, they ask her why the DNA is on the mask if she didn't touch it. So are they arresting her or not?

This detective is grilling Audrey really hardcore. It's suspicious not to have your own fim footage. Noah might have it because when her father pulls the detective out she calls him. Mr.

Branson is a really stupid killer if he is. He just gave his fingerprint to them.

Audrey calls Emma to ask her to destroy the evidence the detective is looking for. Audrey hangs up just in time but they're going to her house.

Brooke and Jake check her freezer but there's nothing inside. Obviously, it's been moved if he was getting blackmailed. Jake looks like he really wants to get to the bottom of the Mayor Maddox mystery.

Noah and Emma break into Audrey's house. They find the SD just in time for the police to arrive. They jump out the window before being seen.

Low and behold, Noah and Emma can't destroy the SD because of curiosity. The killer is allowing Emma to believe that Audrey is the killer so they'll look into her.

With her number on the detective's phone, she gets pulled in for questioning. Emma may be suspicious of Audrey but instinctively thinks she's being set up.

In the locker room, Jake is missing something important. Cue to Will, in the weight room on his own. Jake threatens his used to be best friend into agreeing to work with Piper.

Noah and Emma watch the SD. The video is just Audrey being understandably upset about the video that was posted. She makes some threats about Nina. Man, no wonder she was an easy topic for someone to pin everything on.

Noah totally believes that Audrey is the killer. Emma doesn't. When posed with my daughters friend could be a killer situation, Maggie brings Emma to her old grandmother's house. Apparently she's ready to open up about the past.

Brandon was creepy and stalking Maggie from an early age. So Brandon possibly didn't commit any of the murders. Who did then? They just reopened the old murder case. Revenge is an even bigger motivation.

Emma admits to helping Nina film the video in order to follow her hunch that Audrey is innocent. Audrey could have been the killer but Rachel through her keys out the window. The video, however, still hasn't been destroyed.

Mayor Maddox willingly enters a creepy building. Thankfully it's only Will, trying to clear his name. He gives him the money and the Jake's copy of the video. Good thing, Piper is there listening.

Oh, too bad the killer is there as well. Will is slashed and then dragged away. Piper can't help because she falls unconscious.

"Betrayed," throws out a lot of read herrings. It's officially the second half of the season, so while some clues are being put together, they're still a long way from finding the killer.

Doesn't mean they aren't going to set someone else up for a more permanent fall. Think you already know who's behind it all? Keep watching to find out Tuesdays at 10pm.