Sarah Hyland's Lovelife: From Court-Orders to Courtship

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Sarah Hyland has been making waves on Modern Family for years as lovable but air-headed Haley Dunphy. But how comedic has her real-life personal love life been?

Well judging by the drama we scooped for you, not much. In fact, Sarah Hyland's relationships have occasionally ended in disaster. Makes sense for someone who's part of Taylor Swift's much beloved squad. Read on to learn more.

Ginger Spice

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Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood

So far, things continue to look rosy in Sarah Hyland's most recent romantic relationship. Dominic Sherwood and Sarah Hyland were co-stars in Vampire Academy and have been featured in others' Instagrams on a regular basis, seen together constantly at celebrity events and gushing about each other in the press.

Although their film was a financial and critical flop, so far, Sarah Hyland's relationship with Dominic Sherwood has been bucking that trend.

Sarah Hyland and Ansel Elgort

Sarah Hyland and Ansel Elgort were spotted looking awfully affectionate with each other at an event hosted by Taylor Swift. The pictures of them together prompted quite a bit of speculation that the two were dating, especially after Ansel Elgort talked in an interview about taking a girl out on a date in Amsterdam.

Still, no official announcements were ever made by either Sarah Hyland or Ansel Elgort.

See u tomorrow at the VMAs

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Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop

One of Sarah Hyland's most publicized relationships was with Matt Prokop. In fact, if you try Googling Matt Prokop, what comes up is Sarah Hyland's remarks about the domestic violence in their relationship.

These two dated for 5 years before their relationship imploded and Hyland got a restraining order to keep Matt Prokop away from her.

Since then, Prokop has posted a few cryptic remarks on his Instagram that some say are references to his relationship with Hyland.

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I need a shave this Christmas

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So what's our conclusion? First, it's clear that Sarah Hyland has put all of her prior loves on the celebrity map rather than the other way around. Second, it seems drama follows Sarah Hyland around. Dominic, we wish you luck!

Photo credit: Twitter/Sarah Hyland