Samuel L. Jackson Talks The 2017 Oscars and More On The Ellen Show

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The Ellen Show welcomed back one of their frequent guests as Samuel L. Jackson paid a visit after all of the 2017 Oscars celebration.

The actor chatted about what the show was like and how he and Harrison Ford are in competition for being the top grossing actors in Hollywood.

DeGeneres welcomed Jackson to the stage and said he looked well-rested for someone who was at the Oscars last night. Jackson said he only attended the Vanity Fair party because it was closer to his house.

He complimented DeGeneres for all of the awesome hosting jobs she has done over the years. Jackson said that he only goes to the shows for the goody-bags.

The first time Jackson went to the Oscars, he remembers Jack Nicholson giving his bag away to someone. DeGeneres reminded him that he was an actor and he was doing okay, so he didn't need a basket.

However, Jackson reminded her that everyone likes free stuff.

Meanwhile, Jackson said that Harrison Ford is still ahead of him on the list of top grossing actors. Jackson does believe he can still catch him and seems to be actively pursuing that.

Jackson said he loves watching his movies and when he got a chance to do movies, it was go time.

You can hear more about Jackson's competition with Harrison Ford, his love for Judge Judy and more in The Ellen Show video below.

Samuel L. Jackson Talks The 2017 Oscars and More On The Ellen Show