Ryan Gosling Had An Awkward Moment With Chris Rock At The Oscars

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The crowd at the Oscars is pretty huge and most of those individuals share a common career.

You'd think that everyone in Hollywood knows each other right? Wrong. Ryan Gosling recently visited Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared quite an awkward story that involved Chris Rock.

After gifting Kimmel an Oscar for best host and some chocolate cigars to celebrate his new baby, Gosling started to chat about the Oscars experience.

Chris Rock hosted the Oscars last year and Gosling happened to be presenting an award that night. Before Gosling got into his personal story, he urged Kimmel to make sure that he had people he knew backstage with him.

The actor did not see Rock's opening monologue and was waiting to head out and present when Rock walked backstage. The two had never met before and Gosling said that you could see Rock was wondering why Gosling was backstage with him.

They were staring at each other for awhile, however, they were saved by Dave Chappelle.

Gosling said Chappelle came out from behind him, moved him aside then went over to chat it up with rock.

You can check out the hilarious story from Gosling's visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live in the video below. You can catch Ryan Gosling in La La Land on December 16.

Ryan Gosling Had An Awkward Moment With Chris Rock At The Oscars