Rush 'Get Lucky' Recap, S 1 EP 8, Rush And Sarah In An Awkward Position

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Tonight on Rush, the crazy doctor sees that Sarah has made quite the big change while Alex continues to dodge him and Manny encourages Eve to take control over her life.

The episode begins as Rush works on a patient in the back of a limo. The patient believes it is bad lucky to leave the table at a gambling event so he requested to have a catheter installed.

The patient requests that Rush join him at the event to bring him luck for the price of $10,000.

The patients translator then tells him to pick the amount that he should bet he says a quarter million and the patient makes the bet.

He leaves the table to answer a phone call from Sarah much to the dismay of his patient who loses his bet.

Rush agrees to meet Sarah and she has him flustered even though she is seeing someone else. Meanwhile, Rush and Alex are discussing Sarah's upcoming visit when he gets a call that "Boss Nova" needs to see him. Rush refuses at first nervous about his meeting with Sarah but Alex convinces him to take the trip and offers to tag along.

Boss Nova has a mean gash to the side of his head from a bar fight that the two have to tend to. Alex seems to be fitting in with Nova so he invites both Rush and Alex to a listening party for his new album.

Rush is concerned that Laurel won't let Alex go to the party being that she already hates him hanging out with Rush.

The meeting Rush was waiting for begins as Sarah strolls right on in asking for a scotch. Rush already begins to notice the changes in Sarah and pours her a glass. Rush asks her why she is drinking in the middle of the day and why she is visiting him.

Sarah says she broke up with Griffin and it seems like her heart may be back in Rush's court. Rush gets a phone call with an emergency from his building but rather than leaving Sarah he brings her along.

Rush attends to a little girl who seems to be having trouble breathing. Sarah diagnoses that the girl is suffering from a dry drowning as she has water in her lungs preventing her from breathing. Manny meets up with Eve and he still seems pretty infatuated with her.

Manny tries to get to know Eve while delivering some of Rush's drugs.

He sits down with Eve lending his ear to her problems and she tells him she is stuck in herself. She says she can't move forward and Manny begins to offer a suggestion.

Sarah and Rush are getting along quite nicely and the two talk about his "trip" (from the last episode). They both discuss the changes that they are going through as Sarah is a completely new person even sharing a joint with Rush.

After Rush tells Sarah that she will be a wonderful mom the action begins and it appears as though everything is mending.

Manny takes Eve to the gun range and tells her that it will help her. She begins shooting and it seems like she is loving the time that she is spending with Manny.

After the sex Rush and Sarah are in bed together laughing and spending time together but Sarah decides that she wants to skip out and the visit doesn't end on a good note.

Eve lets Rush know that she received a text from a Mr. Vincent with little detail and Rush decides to check it out.

Mr. Vincent turns out to be Eve's ex who tells Rush that he is sober now, but Rush is not having it and tells him to leave her alone.

Alex tells Rush that what Sarah did was a gift to him as they take a ride to Boss Nova's listening party. The two stroll in and are immediately recognized by Nova. Nova calls them over for shots and then plays them his new track.

A disgruntled girlfriend of Nova attacks him with some heels and Rush and Alex are left to pick up the pieces.

Alex faces a hard decision when he is approached by a woman at the party and she asks him to follow him to the bathroom.

The woman makes an advance on Alex and he begins engaging in something that goes against everything he stands for. Manny tells Eve that he has to leave while they enjoy sushi. The two seem very fond of each other and Eve asks how Manny became a drug dealer.

Eve opens up to Manny about her past relationship and how she was beaten out of pregnancy. Manny then comforts her by saying that she has every right to be stuck but she won't be forever.

Back at the club Alex is feeling guilty about what happened but before they could leave gunshots are fired. Rush saves Alex from being in big trouble as Nova approaches him about snitching about his women.

Rush drives Alex home and Alex doesn't know how he can go into the house and explain to Laurel what happens.

Rush tells his best friend that he loves him and Alex tells him that Sarah approached Laurel about fertility treatments. Now it looks like the friendship between the two are stronger than ever.

Eve thanks Manny for hanging out with her and it looks like a new relationship is budding on the show. He hands he a gun and the looks they give each other show an understanding and deep appreciation.

The episode takes a twist as Eve's ex looks to be stalking her.

Alex tries to tip-toe his way around the house and his first stop is his son's room where he spends the night to get away from what he did.

Rush approaches Laurel about the fertility treatments and she invites him in as the episode concludes.