Rob Dyrdek's Nostalgia Post: 'Dirty Girl' Song Featured On Rob And Big Performed By Robot Rob

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If you have been a Rob Dyrdek fan from the days of Rob & Big, chances are you felt some kind of nostalgia if you've seen his latest Instagram post of Robot Rob performing "Dirty Girl."

Been giving serious thought to sending Robot Rob on tour to open up for Hologram Tupac.

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One of the biggest highlights in the series preceding "The Fantasy Factory" came as Dyrdek and his trusted bodyguard Big Black joined forces to create a hilarious track titled, "Dirty Girl." The track featured a playful R&B verse and chorus from Dyrdek who created his alternate persona "Bobby Light," and some rap verses from Big Black AKA Christopher Boykin and his friend Bam Bam.

Even more interesting was the ad-libs from the ever-so-eccentric, Uncle Jerry.

Uncle Jerry was one of the most intense characters because of his good nature, but hard to understand speech. He always seemed a little tipsy but whether that was the case or not remains unknown.

His infectious character brought joy to viewers when the show existed and for that he will go down as one of the top memorable characters on the show.

Dyrdek's Instagram post came just two days ago but for any true Rob Dyrdek fan it should immediately cause you to go searching for the original song.

Don't worry we did the work for you, take a trip back into the Dyrdek time machine and listen to "Dirty Girl" by Bobby Light and The Chunky Boys below.

"Dirty Girl"