Rob Delaney Visits The Ellen Show

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Actor Rob Delaney made his way to The Ellen Show to chat about what it was like to work with the late Carrie Fisher and much more.

DeGeneres revealed that Delaney had just managed to make it to the show in time because he literally came from his flight to the show. Delaney said that reason he was cutting it that close is because his son was celebrating his second birthday.

Meanwhile, his Amazon show, Catastrophe has been picked up for another season. He is shooting across the pond so naturally DeGeneres thought his kids may have the British accent.

The actor said that his two-year-old just speak mish mash and he has no idea what he says anyway. However, his four-year-old has an accent and his six-year-old is trying to hang on to his American accent for the ladies.

Delaney joked that one talks like a cowboy and the other one sounds like a chimney sweep.

Later on in the interview, DeGeneres and Delaney talked about Catastrophe and what it was like to film with Carrie Fisher, who played him mother in the show.

Delaney said she was amazing and it was unbelievable to have her in the show. For the first season, Delaney said they had her do whatever she wanted to do, however, they sort of reigned it in in season two and by season three they were friends.

They were less terrified as it moves on. Delaney and DeGeneres would later on play a hilarious game of Last Word that had the audience cracking up.

You can watch Delaney's Ellen Show interview and game of Last Word in the videos below.

Rob Delaney Visits The Ellen Show