Review: Little Mix's 'Get Weird,' A Step Closer to Perfection

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The X-Factor's first champion girlband, Little Mix, is back with their third studio album, "Get Weird."

Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson have been working hard on this third album, even canceling the American leg of their Salute tour in order to focus on it.

The album starts off with singles "Black Magic" and "Love Me Like You." While "Black Magic" peaked at number one on the charts there's still something charming about the 60's inspired, Hairspray-esque jam. "Weird People" sounds like it just came from home a late night at a wild 80's themed party.

From the overpowering amount of electric instruments to the background male voice this song celebrates losing yourself to the music and dancing like a freak. Which the song definitely starts to get you to move.

"Secret Love Song Part. I" is the first slow song of the album. It's also the only song on the album to feature another artist. Jason Derulo has his own verse and a dramatic harmony with Edwards.

It's a song that's just as good to listen to in silence or sing along. "Hair," was released as a single as well.

This is a song that grows on you.

The title and probably your first listen might leave you a bit iffy but next time it comes on you'll jamming along before you even notice.

"Hair" isn't some fluttery song about having great hair, rather it relies heavily on the connection between haircuts and new beginnings.

"I Love You," brings another ballad to the album. Each member of Little Mix has such an incredible voice on their own, this song highlights the strength of each member. It'll make you stop what you're doing in order to listen to such beauty.

"OMG" is bringing us to the 90s.

It's very "Clueless," in the 'It's-Not-My-Fault-I'm-So-Fabulous' kind of way. There are little remnants of Britney Spears and Iggy Azeala's "Pretty Girls," which makes sense cause the girlband had a hand in writing the song.

"Lightning" is just full of surprises. From the first few seconds where it tricks you into thinking it's going to be another nice sweet, slow song but then that chorus drops and it's time to throw back a couple shots and get this party started. Then there's the whole verse in Latin.

This song is an instant favorite. If "Lightning" was an instant song then "A.D.I.D.S." is just after it.

While they hinted at it in other songs, Little Mix have pulled on their big girl panties in a song that says girls like and want sex just as much as guys do.

While the girls never explicitly say the word sex, their lyrics are blunt enough to get the hint.

"Love Me or Leave Me," is exactly what the title says. Other slow songs on the album are more captivating than this one. However, the simple emotion and beauty behind their voices still makes it worth listening to.

"The End," is the accapella song they performed live that time that Edwards started crying. Again, the only thing to say is that they're such great singers.

"Secret Love Song Pt.II" is really as it says. Just a straight continuation from the first part and so they're pretty much interchangeable.

The beginning of "Clued Up," is reminiscent of the intro to Taylor Swift's "Never Ever Getting Back Together." Hopefully, she doesn't hear it that way. Unlike Swift's hit, this song has nothing to do with a relationship. Instead, it's an inspirational song.

A perfect song for that moment when you need to take a step back and just breath.

The finally song on the album is "The Beginning." It's the shortest song on the album at only a minute and a half. An acoustic song that promises there will be more from these girls.

"Get Weird," is a bit like a transitionary album. "Lightning," shows off a whole new side of Little Mix that hasn't been shown before.

While their getting more edgy with some of their lyrics they still remove any swear words. There's a hint of adult inside these candy-crunch pop songs that has one looking forward to their next album more than appreciating this one.