'Revenge' S4 Premiere Recap: Dead Man Rising

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Tonight's fourth season premiere of "Revenge" brought back a character who was presumed dead throughout the series: David Clarke.

David Clarke has only been featured in flashbacks and memories, until now. He has escaped prison and plans to head back to the Hamptons to plot his revenge.

He is seen hiding the house of his daughter, Emily, as she planned out yet another "surprise" party of all at her new house, Victoria's former home.

Her party brings a group of high-class people from the Hamptons, including Victoria's kids.

During the boat christening ceremony the yacht was named after the owner's mistress, and how the owner was the one who killed another woman's fiancee. Again another powerful name in the Hamptons goes down, as Emily's rise continues.

Nolan, who knows Emily's secret, discuss how she has become obsessed with ruining people's lives; it has become a part of her life.

As her party winds down Victoria arrived at Emily's house, declaring it is her time to claim revenge. And as she walks away from the house David uses chloroform to make her pass out, as he presumably kidnaps her.

Victoria began season four in a mental hospital, put there by Emily at the end of last season. She does her best to turn this misfortune into a beneficial opportunity. With the help of other inmates she is able tocause a major disruption in the hospital, and she literally is able to walk right out.

The Grayson name and family no longer hold power in the Hamptons, and that is felt by everyone in the family.

Charlotte is heading down a rough road with her new cocaine-using boyfriend, while Daniel is struggling holding onto his personal wealth and possessions. Daniel ended up in a murder situation himself, as it seemed he was set up by Gideon.

The fourth season of "Revenge" shows promises to even more plot twists and turns that the first three provided audiences. Each character has their own developments and their own plans for their own success.

The next episode of "Revenge" airs Sunday Oct. 5th at 10 p.m. on ABC.