'Revenge' S4 Ep. 2 Recap: Sinister Secrets Go up in Flames

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On tonight's new episode of "Revenge" Emily's search for Victoria was on as both women held powerful secrets.

Last week's season premiere brought back David, who was presumed dead until now, and he kidnapped Victoria after her return to the Hamptons.

Tonight she awoke with David questioning her whether or not she was the mastermind behind the plan that got him locked up and "killed." She confessed to everything and just as David began to choke her she really woke up in the back of a a moving car with David driving.

David brought Victoria to the hiding cell in which he has been for such a long time. This time he questioned her in real life about whether or not she betrayed him, and as expected she denied everything. They both admitted their love for each other, and it is obvious she was putting on an act to save herself.

David is under the impression that their daughter, Amanda (aka Emily), was dead, but little does he know about Emily Thorne and all she has done for him.

David admitted to killing Conrad, saying he did it for her and would do anything for her.

Victoria told David that Emilt had her locked up, and David promised he would help her stop her, not realizing that it's actually his daughter Amanda.

Emily, meanwhile, stopped at nothing to track Victoria down which could prove costly because if Victoria were to be found dead then Emily would be the prime suspect. She recruited the help of, as always, Nolan to do some dirty work.

Emily tracked her to the top of the building, where Charlotte threatened to throw herself off.

Luckily for Emily, Jack and his partner showed up to stop Charlotte, however it is sketchy to the police and Charlotte as to why Emily was there to begin with.

Emily first confessed to Charlotte that she was her kidnapper before dropping the bigger bomb on her: telling Charlotte that she is her sister and, in fact, Amanda Clarke. While Emily tried to explain things to Charlotte, Charlotte expected reaction of anger burst out about how she was used by Emily instead of being embraced.

Charlotte and Emily met again where Charlotte gave her handwritten notes about everything she's feeling, and while Emily read Charlotte hit her from behind and knocked her out. Charlotte then set the place in flames with Emily unconscious inside.

Meanwhile Daniel and Margaux plotted to take down Gideon, who has been nothing but bad news to the Grayson family and Margaux's company. During a business meeting Gideon's cocaine problem was revealed and the clients backed out, all as Daniel watched from inside the restaurant.

Gideon admitted to killing the girl that Daniel was led to believe he did, and he threatened to kill Margaux too unless she cleared his name from all the negativity and pinning everything on Daniel.

However at the airport before his flight to Paris for business Gideon's bag was searched and more cocaine was found, seemingly planted by Margaux.

The next episode of "Revenge" airs Sunday, Oct. 12th at 10 p.m. on ABC.