Redditors Come Together to Give a Teenage Boy a Belated Christmas Present

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Most of the time you can find viral videos on Reddit that were uploaded by its users.

This time, Redditors have played a part in creating this video that is now spreading all over. The video features a teenage boy who was given a be-lated Christmas present he will always remember.

Christmas of 2015 happened to be the first Christmas that one family was able to celebrate.

A post submitted by Reddit user iamjustjenna detailed a story about her family and her son who, did not receive the PS Vita he really wanted but was still very content with all of his presents.

"Christmas is not all greed and excessive conspicuous consumption. Some people love to give, some are incredibly grateful, some just enjoy the familial togetherness," she wrote at the end of her post.

"Reclaim Christmas and it's true meaning. Maybe you'll learn to love it. Because even though right now my family is borderline poor, we still managed to have a wonderful holiday... together."

In the video below, the woman captured the reaction of her son opening the present he really wanted, the Playstation Vita. The purchase was made possible by a generous Redditor by the name of Jared, who provided the family with the money they needed to purchase the handheld gaming system.

Other Redditors who caught whim of this also donated gifts in what is one of the most wonderful cases of generosity in some time. You can check out the reaction video below.

"Teenage son get belated Christmas present from kind Reddit users" Video