Ray Kelly Talks ISIS and More on Howard Stern

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The former police commissioner of New York City, Ray Kelly paid Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show a visit to talk about his new book, the ISIS and more.

Stern immediately complimented Kelly on his physique while introducing him to the Stern Show fans. Kelly came from a family of brothers who were all in the Marine Corps.

according to the interview. Naturally Kelly himself joined the Marines and also said that he use to get smacked around by his older siblings according to MarksFriggin's recap of the show.

"Howard said the reason that Ray is so good at his job as a police commissioner is because of that discipline," according to MF.

"Ray said it worked for him. Howard gave him a plug for his book 'Vigilance: My Life Serving America and Protecting Its Empire City.'"

With Stern being a fan of Fox's Gotham, he asked Kelly what his thoughts were on Commissioner Gordon are. Kelly actually said he would arrest Batman for working above the law, that can't sit well with fans of the Dark Knight at all.

Kelly is a Vietnam War veteran and told Stern that veterans don't discuss the people they've killed.

With Kelly being an expert in safety, Stern asked Kelly to give his answer to ISIS and what he would do to stop them. Stern wants to lockdown the country and stop issuing Visas for a long period of time.

In fact earlier on in the show he said if he was president, he would build a wall and stop flights in and out of the country.

"Ray said we need a robust vetting process for people coming in," according to the rundown.

"He said we just don't have the ability to do that when they are coming into the country. He said that we should have tests for these people."

Kelly added that New York is still one of the biggest targets out there while comparing terrorism to theater and claiming NYC as it's biggest stage, according to the report. Kelly is also in reasonable support for gun control but added that as long as the second amendment remains in the U.S. Constitution, guns will always be around. The interview between Kelly and Stern was pretty interesting when it comes to national security and the threats that cities like NYC face, especially in light of the recent tragedy in Paris.