The Quest Episode 7 Recap, Everealm Gets Attacked

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The adventure continued tonight in a special two-hour episode of ABC's fantasy-based reality competition series, "The Quest." This time around the six remaining Palaldins were forced to flea the castle, while the kingdom of Everalm had to defend itself from attacks by both Verlox, and a loose dragon.

Last week the competitors learned that, not only has Herra has proven himself a traitor, but that Verlox has begun an attack on their castle. During tonight's attack the Paladins, with help from Sir Angsar, fled the castle and helped lead Queen Ralia XIII to safety.

Vizier, the queen's chief adviser, gave her a locket claiming it will help keep her safe, however the Paladins thought he is up to something suspicious instead.

Sir Angsar led the Paladins deep into the forest, away from the queen, and deep into the forest. Angsar's challenge was then presented to the Paladins. The contestants were split into two teams of three, and one member of each team had to decipher a key code from a tower, which would signal the other team members to place specific flags in a specific order to make a message to the Royal Army.

One team consisted of Leticia, Bonnie, and Lina, while Andrew, Shondo, and Patrick formed the other. The male team proved victorious, meaning the girls team would have to compete in the Fates' challenge.

Patrick earned his Mark of Intelligence for performing the best in this challenge in giving his teammates the correct instructions.

Despite the splitting up and individual efforts the Paladins realize they are a team and worked together to build a camouflaged shelter and eventually find the queen's camp.

With few contestants remaining, each Paladin offered their thoughts on how they felt going into the Fates' Challenge.The Fates' challenge, which made the three girls compete against each other, consisted of each one spying on Verlox's soldiers and whoever remembered the most details information would win the challenge.

Bonnie was the winner of the challenge, saving her from potential banishment.

After the deliberation and the voting by the remaining Paladins Leticia was banished from Everealm in a 4-0 vote, and her goal of completing the quest came to an end.

Just as the remaining Paladins were talking, a strange noise rumbled through air, startling the Queen, the Paladins, Crio and Angsar.

That noise proved to be a fire-breathing dragon that was on the loose. To keep the dragon locked down in its hole, Angsar challenged them to build devices that would lower the gate over the exposed hole.

The challenge was very mechanical, and each Paladin struggled with their own problems.

At the end of the challenge the Paladins set up camp with camouflaged tents and further discussed the quest with Angsar and Crio, stating they don't trust Vizier.

After the Fates' challenge, it was Bonnie who was banished from the kingdom and whose quest came to an end.

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