Pusha T Raises the Bar With 'Drug Dealers Anonymous'

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Yesterday Pusha T announced that he would be releasing the first single off the upcoming King Push album featuring none other than Jay Z. He delivered as promised and thus we have "Drug Dealers Anonymous."

"Drug Dealers Anonymous" finds Pusha T and Jay Z in what would seem like a confession on the verse.

For Jay Z, it was about addressing accusations and making sure that the game and anyone who has ever commented on his life know that he isn't afraid or bothered by what they say/report about him.

"The track notably features a sample of conservative pundit Tomi Lahren calling out Jay Z in a rant criticizing Beyonce: 'Your husband was a drug dealer,' she said. 'For 14 years he sold crack cocaine,'" according to RollingStone.

Meanwhile the man of the hour, G.O.O.D. Music's new general Pusha T did what he does best on "Drug Dealers Anonymous." His ability to flow effortlessly about the drug dealing lifestyle while mixing in verses about moving product has been a staple talent of his for years.

That ability resonates on "Drug Dealers Anonymous" and instead of moving real drugs, Pusha T is moving straight dope for your ears.

"Drug Dealers Anonymous" is the first single off the forthcoming King Push album.

If this is the first single, we can only imagine what surprises and incredible tracks Pusha T has waiting for us when King Push arrives. You can stream/listen to "Drug Dealers Anonymous" below.

Listen/Stream Pusha T's "Drug Dealer Anonymous" Ft. Jay Z