'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Songs of Innocence,' Season 6 Episode 2

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Last week's premiere of Pretty Little Liars season six was only the beginning for Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily as they continue to hunt for the mysterious "A," or Charles.

In the second episode "Songs of Innocence," the girls are being haunted by the memories from being trapped in "A's" eerie dollhouse.

Going back to living a normal life isn't easy, but then again, normal has been the farthest thing from what the friends have been dealing with over the past couple of years. Although Charles DiLaurentis has been revealed as "A," Alison is in the dark about his identity, as are the rest of the girls.

She asks her father who he is, but doesn't receive a satisfying answer.

Now there's another question at large: Who is Sara Harvey? There are a few pieces of vital information already known about the mysterious Alison look alike. She disappeared the same night as Ali, who is now back home with her father and brother. Sara has also been a known character since season 4, back when Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer learn Ali is alive.

Hanna and Emily had met two of Sara's friends, Tina and Claire, who advised that Sara played the role of Queen Bee, just like Alison.

Sara was also popular at school with an attitude that could only be matched to one of Alison DiLaurentis. The parallels between the two girls are similar enough to wonder if Charles goes after a certain "type."

The girls are all in the hospital, recovering from being trapped in the dollhouse. Turns out, they've come to the discovery that Andrew Campbell is Charles DiLaurentis.

In the meantime, the police arrest Andrew after chasing him down in the woods. Toby advises Spencer that Andrew kept journals about the girls, and that he's had his eye on them ever since Ali's disappearance.

Emily pays a visit to Sara Harvey, who was trapped in the dollhouse for two years, while they're in the hospital.

Sara reveals that she had run away and was knocked unconscious before finding herself locked up. Before Emily is able to get anymore answers, Sara

Hanna, along with the rest of her friends, return back to their homes. Unfortunately, being back at home isn't as comforting as it might seem with the daunting flashbacks the girls begin to have.

Meanwhile, Aria is anxious to talk to the police about Andrew to make sure he receives the proper punishment for his actions.

Despite the disagreement Ali and Spencer have regarding the identity of Charles DiLauarentis, Spencer expresses her thanks towards Ali for helping them get out of the dollhouse. Emily starts taking up shooting at the gun range as a way to release her anxieties, and Aria is trying her hardest to put up a wall between what happened in "A's" lair and continuing on with life after.

Hanna decides to redecorate her room, but refrains from telling her mom or Caleb why, just simply saying she wants a change.

After letting her daughter try to rid of the physical memories, Hanna's mom, Ashley Marin, learns more about what happened while the girls were in the dollhouse.

Hanna tells Ashley that Charles played games with them, games that forced them to choose one girl or "one would suffer."

At the police station, Aria and her mother, Ella, speak with a detective about Andrew. She advises that they have no direct testimony that will give police legitimate reason to put full blame on Andrew for the girls' kidnapping.

Aria speaks up, saying she did see him, even though she never actually saw his face.

Ali starts going to church again, something she confesses to be embarrassed about, fearful that people in town will think it's for show. She confides in the new officer in town, Officer Lorenzo Calderon, who attends the same service.

Sara Harvey shows up at Emily's house after running away from home, where she feels unwelcome. She believes her return has only caused problems for her mother.

Sara questions Emily about Andrew, asking if they're sure he's the reason behind their kidnapping.

The episode comes to an end with Andrew in interrogation as Ali is looking through a family album at two different photos, one of them the face of a little boy, and the second one with the face of another little boy.

As the suspense continues, so does the anticipation. To keep audiences and fans at bay until next week's episode, the Pretty Little Liars website and Facebook page provides photos and short clips of what's to come.