Pottermore's Eighth Christmas Reveals Riddle's Discovery of Salazar Slytherin's Locket

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On Pottermore's eighth day of Christmas, Harry Potter fans can follow Professor Dumbledore and Harry through the pensieve and witness Hepzibah Smith show Tom Riddle the treasures he soon would use for his horcruxes.

"There's another surprise awaiting you on pottermore.com today.

Give the correct answer to our riddle to see an unwitting Hepzibah Smith show a young Lord Voldemort treasures from the Hogwarts founders, not knowing the events her actions will set in motion..." said Pottermore's official website.

"Which of Dumbledore's collected memories of Tom Riddle most intrigued you in Half-Blood Prince?"

Let's start with the riddle: "In the pensieve Harry sees a gold and emerald locket which a young Tom Riddle sincerely wishes to pocket, but which serpentine member of the Hogwarts founders four did the ornate necklace belong to in days of yore?"

The answer: Salazar Slytherin. Users are then brought to the home of Hepzibah Smith where a young Tom Riddle can be seen holding a gold locket with a serpentine "S".

The house elf, Hokey, has another box prepared to show Riddle, and when users hover their mouse over it they can see what is inside.

There aren't any galleons or gifts for Harry Potter fans to collect today, but users can hover their mouses over plants, boxes, and other items in the shop to full up their bar.

For those unsure of who Hepzibah is, readers can take a look at the writings in the right hand corner. Hepzibah was an old, rich witch who anticipated visits from Tom Riddle in her home regularly.

When Riddle arrived during this particular memory, taken by Dumbledore from Hokey the house-elf, Hepzibah showed him a small golden goblet which belonged to Helga Hufflepuff.

She also shows him Salazar Slytherin's locket, which was brought to Burke of Borgin and Burkes by a ragged-looking woman.

We find out in the books this ragged looking woman was Merope Gaunt, who is Voldemort's mother. The locket is an heirloom for the Gaunt family, who were descendants of Salazar Slytherin.

Merope sold the locket when she was pregnant and homeless. The locket was purchased by Hepzibah a few years later.

Two days after Hepzibah shows Tom these trinkets, she is found dead after being poisoned. Hokey is framed for the murder. Dumbledore tells Harry he believes Tom did it in order to steal these two precious items for his horcruxes.

Kind of a dark Christmas surprise, but an interesting moment nonetheless. As readers, we always wonder what these scenes looked like, since they weren't portrayed in the films.

It's great to have Rowling and Pottermore show these scenes to us in the format Rowling imagined them to be.

Come back tomorrow for a report on Pottermore's ninth Christmas surprise.