Poll: Zedd V.S. Justin Bieber Who Is Truly The Best Match For Selena Gomez?: Zeddlena V.S. Jelena

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By now Selena Gomez fans realize that she and Zedd have been extra close and have been reported of being and item,

but do the fans think Zedd is her best match or will Justin Bieber swoop in once again?

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Gomez loves her fans and if you didn't know you should check out all of her Instagram posts that contain her an a single fan or groups of fans. The captions always declare her love and appreciation for them clearly showing their importance in her life.

Some of those fans are beginning to voice their opinion on her alleged relationship with Zedd by using the hashtag #Zeddlena on Twitter.

Fans who still believe that Justin Bieber is the better match for Gomez continue to voice their opinions while adding their own hashtag #Jelena.

They also offered their own sorrowful tweets as if they are feeling the pain of the two celebrities.

In his appearance on The Ellen Show, Bieber issued a statement on his troubled past and what he intends to do to create a better future for himself and become a better person.

The relationship between Bieber and Gomez was one of the youngest high profile romances in the entertainment industry.

They battled through hardships and even threats that were issued to Gomez from angry Bieber fans.

Ultimately the two have separated and it's strange that just when Gomez seems to be moving on, Bieber decides that now is the time for his breakthrough.

Nonetheless, if Bieber is changing his life around then best of luck.

If Gomez and Zedd are really truly together then best of luck to them as well because they do look to be very happy in each others company, but one question really remains.

With a clear divide between fans, what couple would fans prefer to see?