Phoebe Tonkin & Shelley Hennig's Wayback Wednesday is Our Throwback Thursday

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Yesterday Phoebe Tonkin and Shelley Hennig relived their time on CW TV's " The Secret Circle" with a small GIF war and quite frankly the fans are the big winners.

You might say Phoebe Tonkin and Shelley Hennig pursued very similar paths after their time on "The Secret Circle." Tonkin plays a werewolf on CW TV's "The Originals" while Hennig plays a were-coyote on MTV's "Teen Wolf." So it's not too strange that the former co-stars would engage in a friendly Twitter war where they rehashed some of the moments from "The Secret Circle," remixed in the form of GIF's.

Tonkin kicked things off with the tweet below as they revisited their witchy past using the hashtag #FAYANA mixing her character Faye and Hennig's character Diana. She created her own fan "ship" and Hennig totally took notice.

While both stars are doing their own things on their mega-popular television shows it was pretty awesome to see them giving their fans, especially "The Secret Circle" fans a nice little throwback.

You can catch Tonkin on "The Originals" when it returns on October 8 and Hennig in the mid-season finale of "Teen Wolf" on Monday at 10 PM EST on MTV.