PewDiePie Trolls & Plays Controversial 'Hatred' Video Game

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One of the most controversial video games titled, "Hatred" has found it's way into the hands of YouTube Gamer PewDiePie who plays the game but also does a little trolling along the way.

(Video Below)

"You have to hand it to Polish studio, Destructive Creations - it set out to build a narrative of controversy and rebellion from the start, and it succeeded," reported The Guardian.

"In October 2014, the team released a ludicrous trailer for its isometric third-person shooter, Hatred."

He begins by completely trolling the intro to the game which is featured in the official trailer. The game is very dark and features a man who is full of "Hatred" going around killing people. Think about it like "Grand Theft Auto," except it's much more darker in nature.

PewDiePie totally dismantles the entire fact the the game is supposed dark.

He throws around jokes about watching "One Tree Hill" and prefaced the entire video with the fact that he can't take the game seriously. The video is pure PewDiePie gold.

Watch PewDiePie play "Hatred" below.