Paul Wesley, Phoebe Tonkin & Daniel Gillies Have Another Hilarious Social Media War

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As the stars of CW TV's "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" get set for the premiere of both shows, Daniel Gillies, Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin decide to have a little fun on social media and express their "wild" side.

Paul Wesley initiated the hilarious social media fun with a photo that fused the top half of Gillies' face with the bottom half of what appears to be a wild feline. The photo was used as Gillies' Twitter avi for a bit before Gillies changed it to his own mashup where he uses the bottom half of his face and the top half of a raccoon.

Wesley's girlfriend Phoebe Tonkin joined in the fun with her mashup featuring the top half of her face and the bottom half of a chimpanzee.

Gillies then continued the posts with a mashup of Wesley, containing the first half of his face and the bottom half of a white cat. Both Gillies and Wesley are using their respectable photos as their avi's and the real winners out of all of this is the fans who can join in on the laugh. Wesley and Gillies have had these hilarious Twitter wars in the past and it's likely that it will surely continue in the future.

There is obviously no ill-intent so the word war is being used playfully in this scenario.

Fans should also expect more of this from Wesley and Gillies because "The Originals" season three and "The Vampire Diaries" season seven will both premiere on the October 8 back to back.

In the meantime check out all of the photos below.

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