Paramore: 10 Years In The Making

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Can you remember what you were doing ten years ago in 2005? No doubt it remains fresh in the minds of Tennessee-native band Paramore, who were setting the stage for their career as musicians.

The release of their 2005 debut album, All We Know is Falling, was only the start to the success the band has accomplished over the past decade.

Front woman Hayley Williams was at the young age of 16 when All We Know is Falling made its appearance in the music world. For most teens, major life concerns consist of what to wear on homecoming night or how to get rid of that red bump on their forehead before school photo day.

For Hayley and the rest of Paramore - Josh Farro (guitar), Jeremy Davis (bass), Zac Farro (drums), and Jason Bynum (guitar) - they were facing the challenges of being the new kids on the block having young members and a female lead singer.

All We Know is Falling carried three singles, "Pressure," "Emergency," and "All We Know." During this time, Jeremy Davis spent five months apart from the band before deciding to return (he had been replaced by John Hembree for the time being). But from there, Paramore's career continued to blossom. The band's sophomore album, Riot!, was released the summer of 2007, which featured the attitude-filled single, "Misery Business." 2007 also allowed Paramore to play their third year of Warped Tour, and Taylor York, a friend of the Farro brothers, took the place of Jason Bynum.

During the following year they gained even more attention with their single "Decode" for the Twilight soundtrack. The band continued to grow and while everything appeared to be on the right track, obstacles are inevitable.

Paramore released their third album Brand New Eyes in 2009, but a little over a year later two of the bands founding members, brothers Josh and Zac Farro, had announced that they were going their separate ways.

A statement that was posted on Josh's blog made several jabs at the band, one claiming that the main focus was Hayley and the rest of them were just following her lead, a topic that has been addressed more than once.

With fans concerned about what this meant for the future of Paramore, Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor made it clear that they were still committed to the band and had no plans of going anywhere.

Once the noise settled down regarding the Farro brothers' departure from the band, the three put everything behind them so they could move forward with their career. In 2011, they released four new singles, "Hello Cold World," "In the Mourning," and "Renegade," as well as "Monster," which was featured on the soundtrack for Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.

These songs created a wave of anticipation among fans until the band released their fourth, self-titled album, Paramore, in 2013.

With some fans accepting of the different types of songs found on the 17-track record, there were also others saying that the band's older stuff was better and that they wished Josh and Zac were still around.

And while some may still feel nostalgic remembering the three as five, Paramore kept moving forward, proud of the album they had created.

That same year, the band headlined the Self-Titled Tour. Not long after those dates came to an end, they announced a co-headlining tour with Fall Out Boy, named Monumentour, for the summer of 2014.

Their schedules were full, days packed with interviews and tour preparation, but at that point nothing was going to slow them down.

They even gave fans Parahoy, a cruise that involved Paramore themselves along with other talents such as New Found Glory and Tegan and Sara, where fans enjoyed live music, games and activities with the bands, and meeting others from all over the country to share a once in a lifetime experience.

Since the end of Monumentour, the members of Paramore have been allowed to focus on their personal lives. Jeremy celebrated his daughter Bliss Belle's first birthday, Taylor traveled to Australia with a group of friends (including Zac Farro, whom he still remains close with), and Hayley celebrated an engagement to long-time boyfriend and New Found Glory guitarist, Chad Gilbert. However, they were still kept on their toes.

At this year's 2015 Grammy's, Paramore won their first ever Grammy award (Best Rock Song) for their most recent single, "Ain't It Fun." Their self-titled album was re-released, with bonus tracks including a version of "Hate to See Your Heart Break" featuring Joy Williams, the band's first collaboration.

The three have also announced dates for their upcoming tour, Writing the Future (alongside Copeland), which kicks off this April in Augusta, GA.

Paramore's decade-long career has proven that no matter what gets thrown in their way, they are always ready to take it on. From members leaving to experimenting with new sounds, and even questions as to whether or not Hayley would ever go solo, Paramore has seen it all.

But their passion for what they do and knowing where their hearts lie have prepared them for this adventure, which, thankfully for fans, shows no signs of slowing down.

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