OverDoz, Leon Bridges, Phora & Wolf Alice Top Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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This is the week of some serious diversity on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart as OverDoz, Leon Bridges, Phora and Wolf Alice land songs in the top four spots. While the chart is ever changing here is some of the hot talent below.

(Positions Will Vary After Publishing)

Kicking off the countdown at number one is the Hip-Hop group OverDoz and their song "Last Kiss" featuring all star producer Pharrell. The track has a light summer vibe that is perfect for grooving or cruising. The lyrics are clever and geared towards that unfortunate reality of have to let go of a woman.

"Last Kiss" also features lyrics about be the guy a girl should go after but all in all it's a classic Pharrell produced hit.

The music video is fun and embodies the spirit of the song. Check out the "Last Kiss" music video below.

"Last Kiss" Music Video

Continuing the on down the list is Leon Bridges and his track "Coming Home." Listening to this song is like hopping in the time machine to the 1960's. It has a genuine, old school and slightly barbershop feel to it. The song is about "Coming Home" to your girl and never wanting to leave her.

It's a very well done song that despite it's older vibe can still be relatable and relevant today. It's a beautifully written song that is sure to be a favorite for quite some time.

Bridge's recently released his "Coming Home" album on June 19. Check out the "Coming Home" music video below.

"Coming Home" Music Video

Phora's emotional "Deeper Than Blood" track finds itself back in the Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart top five. It visits the pain of a child and a mother forced to make it on their own when the father is sent to prison for years. It also addresses how hard it is for a child to move on without their father and the affect it has on that child as he grows older.

The pain was so much in this instance that it forced the child to end his life.

What's more powerful than the song is the visual that will surely bring a whirlwind of emotions. Watch the "Deeper Than Blood" music video below.

"Deeper Than Blood" Music Video

In a bit of a twist or maybe a technical difficulty on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, Wolf Alice has their entire album titled, "My Love Is Cool" listed at the number four spot. The album released on June 23 and it's fill with incredibly breathtaking alternative hits.

Some of the stand-out tracks include "Bros," "Moaning Lisa Smile" and "Giant Peach." This is one of the most interesting alternative acts that have emerged in quite some time.

Check out the music videos for "Bros" and "Moaning Lisa Smile" below.

"Bros" Music Video

"Moaning Lisa Smile" Music Video