The Originals 'Sanctuary' Recap, Season 2 Episode 12, Klaus' Quest To Keep His Secrets Hidden

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In last week's episode of "The Originals" fans were prepared for a big storm that's brew. This week in "Sanctuary" the twelfth episode of the second scandalous season Klaus must try his hardest to keep his secret from being exposed.

Rebekah is back in the picture and it looks like she may be getting a little help from a mysterious new girl in asylum. Hayley is still not sure with going on with the ceremony that will force her to tell Jackson about the secrets she's keeping for Klaus. Things get a little more intense for Hayley when Jackson reveals a secret that involves her parents.

Klaus embarks on his mission to stop a marriage ritual in order to keep his secret safe from anyone including Finn, who is hellbent on discovering exactly what it is that Klaus is keeping secret.

Davina is alerted when she figures out that her father figure Marcel and her best friend Josh could be in serious danger.

Elijah was released from the terrible secret that trapped him and must now pull it together to help Klaus keep their family safe.

It all starts at the insane asylum as Rebekah is asleep, but plagued by what she saw upon stumbling into the room in a previous episode. A strange girl walks in hauntingly and hovers over the sleeping Rebekah in a ghostly manner. Meanwhile, Klaus is at the campsite for the werewolves and he begins questioning them all about their leader.

Jackson meets with Hayley and he asks her if she really thinks there is a secret she can't tell him.

She tells him it's dangerous and he counters with the fact that it has always been dangerous for each other.

Jackson says even if they call off the wedding he needs to tell her something that has to do with how her parents died.

Back at the asylum, Rebekah and Cassie talk and Cassie questions her about getting caught trying to escape. Rebekah tells Cassie that they need to channel something strong and about her visit to the room above. Could she be Freya, the name that appeared in the letter pieces? Rebekah says that she knows whoever it is is very strong.

She says if they channel her they can break free from the asylum.

There is a new girl at the asylum and she appears to be pretty strange. She calls cartoons moving pictures and just then, Rebekah asks her if she knows her from somewhere, but brushes it off.

Davina awakens from her slumber as Kol works on some strange contraption. He tells her that they are ready to get started on something he has been planning for a century.

Davina answers a text from Aiden who who tells her that Marcel and Josh are missing.

They are in the clutches of Finn who gives a speech over the motionless bodies of Marcel and his vampires. Finn looks to be plotting on a way to tear the secrets free from Marcel.

Klaus asks Jackson's Aunt to invite him in and she is very hesitant to do so. Klaus says that he'd like to pay the bride and groom a visit to congratulate them then heads out to hunt them down. Jackson takes Hayley to the grave where the wolves bury traitors who betray the pack.

He gives her a history lesson on the man who killed her parents. Hayley now knows who killed her parents and that they are no longer alive.

Hayley is upset with Jackson for waiting so long to tell her that his grandfather killed her parents. Jackson's secret is a lot easier to get off of his chest than what Hayley shares.

Klaus appears and asks to impose so that he can have a word with Hayley. jackson leaves them to discuss the ceremony. While Rebekah and Cassie plan their escape for the night, the new girl gets caught with the apple. Rebekah steps in and pays for it by having her hand clubbed with a metal bar.

The girl asks Rebekah why she saves her and she replies because she is a fool. Klaus and Hayley are arguing over the risk that she is taking.

She implores him to think about the army they would have to protect their daughter.

Hayley is adamant in her decision but Klaus says that there is no one who can change his mind but Hayley is defiant and refuses to take orders from him.

Kol helps Aiden and Davina as they try to locate Marcel and Josh. They are able to pinpoint where the vampires are but Davina refuses to let Aiden go about it alone. At the asylum, the woman running the show is drawn into the room where she meets a surprising fate.

Hayley continues to stand her ground against Klaus' wishes and tells him that he is the threat.

Klaus in a passionate rage reminds Hayley that he was the one who killed his father to save their daughter.

Hayley tells her that he did it because he was scared and she also tells him to trust her, however, Klaus while agreeing that he trusts her snaps her neck and tells her that he does not trust Jackson.

Finn sits Marcel down to try to get him to talk. Finn tells Marcel that he knows Klaus has a secret and the secret will be his weakness. When Finn asks Marcel to tell him the secret Marcel refuses and calls him a chump. Marcel agrees to tell him what he remembered.

He begins a story on seeing Finn in a casket as a young boy and mocks him by calling him a boar. Rebekah is startled by the new girl and she orders her back to her room.

When she asks why Rebekah is in the asylum, Rebekah begins the story and the girl says that Rebekah shouldn't fight with her siblings. She also invites the girl to escape with them.

Jackson's Aunt Mary is startled when Klaus comes back to chat with Jackson. Jackson makes sure his pack is safe before stepping out but Klaus grabs him and whisks him away to trap him in the woods. Jackson is giving his tough guy act as Klaus tells him that he is going to execute him and asks Jackson how he would like to die.

Klaus begins an all out assault only to be cursed by Jackson. Klaus questions him about Ansel and about Jackson being the benefactor.

Jackson hits a nerve when he tells Klaus about killing his father. As Klaus takes a hard grip of Jackson's throat he decides to throw him aside.

When Finn is done torturing Marcel he tries to figure out how he can use him to acquire knowledge. Just then Kol strolls in and puts a knife in Marcel's hand. When Kol offers to help Finn he flexes his power and hurts Kol for a bit. Kol promises that Davina will be their anchor and help them defeat their brothers while keeping Rebekah at bay.

Rebekah meanwhile, is making her way downstairs but stops to pay the casket another visit. Se looks inside only to see that it is empty.

Cassie betrayed Rebekah and now she is force to fight on her own, however, the new girl looks to be a very powerful witch who begins helping Rebekah.

She then turns her attention to Cassie and kills her for betraying Rebekah.

The new girl helps Rebekah to her feet and something strange happens as she is able to heal her hand as well.

Who is this new girl taking the asylum by storm? Could she be the asset that Rebekah needs in order to return to her body to help Klaus and Elijah fight off their evil brothers? There is a lot of cutthroat actions going on which is nothing new for fans of "The Originals."

When Klaus is close to done toying with Jackson, he asks him to admit his true intentions. Jackson says the only reason he is marrying Hayley is because he loves her, and begs Klaus to help Hayley set their people free.

Hayley shows up and ruins Klaus' plans to kill Jackson. Klaus asks her if she truly believes that Jackson will help her, when she says yes, Klaus threatens her life if anything happens to their daughter.

Finn continues to question Kol on how he has managed to keep the trust of Elijah and Klaus. Finn realizes that Elijah is nowhere to be found because he might be hiding something. He also realizes taht there is something going on in the back room and begins to put a bloodthirsty spell on the vampires.

They turn to attacking Aiden and Davina who barely manage to get away. The new girl reveals herself to be Rebekah's sister Freya. Yet another Mikaelson has been revealed and she looks to be more powerful than ever as she leads her sister our of the asylum.

She makes gives Rebekah a message to give to her brothers before walking off. This show never ceases to blow fans minds this episode was a whirlwind of new information for fans to process.

Back at Finn's lair, he approaches Kol in a threatening manner and Kol tries to talk his way out of it. Finn lectures his brother on not being able to repay the debt for getting a second chance. He begins to put a spell on Kol preventing him from jumping to another body. He tells him to say his goodbyes as he gives him just days before he no longer exists.

Hayley apologizes to Aunt Mary for what happened to jackson but she is easily forgiven. Jackson asks Hayley why Klaus didn't kill him and she tells him that he realized that he can trust Jackson rather than being alone.

Hayley then begins her story about her daughter and heights they are willing to go to to protect her.

Klaus tortures Elijah playfully on a phone call speaking on Hayley's ferocity. It appears that Klaus plans on killing Jackson later on. As the phone call ends, Rebekah walks in to greet her brother who looks as if he has seen a ghost.

Marcel agrees to tell Finn everything he knows and Finn asks him how Klaus' baby Hope died.

Finn is putting all the pieces together and realizes that Klaus' daughter is still alive. He plans on using Marcel and his vampires to find Hope.

There are many secrets that lie within "The Originals" and this week they continue to unravel in front of the fans eyes. "Sanctuary" gives fans hope for Rebekah's return while analyzing a part of Hayley's past that fans might not have known existed.

Davina's dedication to Marcel is a sign of her respect for him despite his actions in the past when siding with Klaus.

Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel, Davina, Kaleb and Finn may need to prepare themselves for something much bigger than the fight at hand. Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."