'The Originals' Recap: 'You Hung the Moon' Season 3 Episode 2, Hayley's Mission

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Hayley wasn't around much in the season premiere of The Originals.

In "You Hung the Moon," the second episode of season three Davina explains more about the plan she has for Hayley in order to break the curse that was placed on her.

Elijah and Jackson realize that Hayley may be in danger because she wasn't present during the full moon. The two begin to worry and a meeting with Klaus takes place later on. Hayley is actually being held by Davina who gives her a way back to a normal form so that she can always be with Hope.

Cami gives Klaus a rundown on the murders in the French Quarter with one particular suspect in mind. Lucien is finally able to catch up with Elijah however, the discussion immediately revolves around the war of the sire lines that can get very ugly.

Klaus takes the necessary steps to make sure the prophecy about the deadly future of the Mikaelson siblings is indeed true.

The show begins with Elijah yelling for Hayley with Hope in his hands. Jackson appears badly wounded and asks where Hayley is. Meanwhile, Hayley is going crazy trying to get out of her kidnapping.

Davina tells her to calm down so she can tell her how she plans on freeing her.

Hayley tells her to spill and Davina tells her about the witch in the 9th ward who hates her. Hayley eagerly tells Davina to let her know who she wants dead.

Elijah fixes Jackson up and when Elijah asks him to take some of his blood he refuses. Jackson tells Elijah what happened and asks him how many bodies were found. Elijah doesn't answer but Jackson picks everything up from Elijah's reaction.

When Elijah tells him to stay and tend to the dead Jackson declines and says that Hayley is his wife. Marcel finds Freya at a club and she admits that trying to get her brothers to talk is a daunting task.

Cami is taking notes on the murders and searches for Lucien who is the CEO of Kingmaker Land Development, the same company that has killed all of the wolves in the bayou.

Jackson pays Klaus a visit accompanied by Elijah. Klaus tells Jackson and Elijah that Lucien gave him visions of the Mikaelson family's demise.

When Klaus threatens Elijah and Jackson, Elijah tells him that he won't have to worry about Hope being taken from him because she will leave him when she finds out what kind of person he is.

Hayley chops off a lock of hair and Davina completes a cloaking spell so that she remains undetected.

Hayley has until the flame runs out to kill the witch and she threatens Davina's life if anything goes wrong and she is unable to see her daughter.

Klaus demands to see Freya in a voicemail and Cami walks in. She thinks that Lucien is the killer and Klaus thinks there is familiar method to the killings. Cami says if Klaus wants to regain her trust then he needs to make Lucien stop killing. Lucien is busy snacking on a woman when he is greeted by Elijah.

Elijah is bounded by a spell so he cannot enter the penthouse however, Lucien still humors him for a chat. Elijah and Jackson are a team now and Jackson attacks Lucien and bites him.

We all know what a bite from a hybrid can do to a vampire. Elijah then says if Lucien wants to live he should invite him in.

Cami is visited by the detective and when Freya walks in with a stranger to hook up with, Klaus hilariously surprises her and the prospect. He scares the man off and asks Freya to perform a locator spell for Hayley. Hope is the best connection to Hayley so Freya has to use her to complete the spell.

The detective seems smitten with Cami. He realizes that she comes from a very dark family of strange deaths.

He wasn't being nice to her, he is accusing her of being part of the murders or a larger cover-up for something else. Cami checks her bag and notices that something is missing.

Freya tries to find Hayley but is unable to do so because of Davina's cloaking spell. Hayley is making her way to the 9th ward to find the witch and eliminate her. Jackson doesn't want to believe that Hayley is dead and Davina is having trouble holding up the spell.

The full moon is wearing off and Jackson and Hayley begin to turn.

Davina manages to convince the ancestors that Hayley can help end Klaus and the spell continues. However, after Hayley does the deed, she is cornered by a group of witches who are attacking her.

Elijah tells Lucien that he needs Klaus' blood to survive the wound. Lucien says that he and the other sired lines are on the brink of war. When Elijah tells Lucien that the original family cannot die, Lucien asks him to talk to his brother about the prophecy that proves they are not immune to death. Davina stops her spell and Marcel comes to greet her to tell Davina that there is a problem.

Hayley managed to kill all of the witches and the rest of the coven is grieving. Klaus confronts Lucien about being the culprits for the deaths in the city.

Klaus wants to exchange his blood for new peace and an end to the killing. Klaus threatens Lucien once again but he doesn't seem worried.

Hayley and Jackson are free and when Freya tries to figure out what's keeping Jackson alive, Hayley shows up takes out Freya and asks, "where the hell is that bastard?" Yikes, Hayley is quite the angry momma. Lucien injects himself with a cure and his bite heals instantly. Davina addresses the witches and asks for them to take shelter under her protection.

She promises that nothing like this will ever happen to them again.

Hayley tries to jump Klaus and the two of them engage in a pretty heated fight. Freya saves Jackson from getting killed by stopping him from entering the fight between Klaus and Hayley.

They go back and forth of which one of them made the wrong move. Klaus takes a beating from an emotional Hayley because he knows that part of what she is saying is true and also because Hope saw her mother and father fighting.

Hayley notices that Hope has started walking and makes her way over to her baby. Hayley is completely emotional and hurt that she missed her daughters first moments, while Elijah, Jackson, Freya and Klaus look on.

Hayley and Klaus battle over where she will stay. Elijah suggests that Hayley and Jackson stay across the street in the apartments. Hayley wants the place in Jacksons name so that Klaus isn't invited in. Klaus has lost the care of his daughter to Hayley who is back and taking charge.

Marcel asks Davina to tell him that she did not have anything to do with dead witches. Marcel tells Davina that she won't get the best of Klaus by becoming him.

She tells him she was born with blood on he hands and that he is not supposed to be in the cemetery. Though she puts up a big fight she breaks down when she is all alone.

Elijah walks in on Hayley as she revisits her dirty deed. Hayley thanks Elijah for what he did to find her and keep the peace. Elijah tells her that he only thought of her and he fought for her return everyday. He tells her that she was not forgotten and Haylijah seems to be in a strange place. Davina is present at the burial of the fallen witch and the rest of the witches of the 9th ward.

Her son approaches Davina and basically threatens to erase her once he gets down to the bottom of his mother's death. Hayley, Hope and jackson get settled into their new place and Hayley tells Jackson she missed him.

She presents him with their rings that were found in the junkyard and the two of them seem to be full on together. So much for Elijah.

Klaus can see Hayley and Jackson from his room and he is so angry he smashes a glass. The detective was looking for Cami again and he approaches her about her research on Lucien. He tells her that she might be mixed up in something much bigger. Meanwhile, the deaths have gone mainstream as the reporter who leaked the photos and story is under the control of Lucien. Elijah talks to Freya about unsettling information.

He says he trusts her and asks her to help them find the weapon that can kill the originals. Freya does the spell and gets a little out of control. She realizes that it's true that Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus will fall by friend, foe and family.

Klaus' former love, Aurora is training with her brother Tristan. She begs him to let her out but he declines and tells her not in her current state. It's pretty clear that she poses a potential threat.

"You Hung the Moon" really highlights how dangerous the sire war can be to the Mikaelson family. Bringing Jackson back might spell more trouble for Haylijah but it's still unclear what the future holds or where Hayley and Elijah stand.

This week the intensity continues and Lucien has managed to become a very suspicious character. Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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