'The Originals' Recap: 'A Streetcar Named Desire' Season 3 Episode 14, An Old Friend

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episode marks the second part of CWTV's The Originals and The Vampire Diaries crossover.

In "A Streetcar Named Desire" episode 14 of season seven, the Mikaelson family is still trying to escape the prophecy and an old friend might be able to help.

Klaus and Elijah fall under a magical trap and things get even more deadly when Aya and her Strix's coven possess a very dangerous spell that could take out one of the Mikaelson brothers for good. With Freya being the only Mikaelson who is free, she realizes that she can't save her brothers alone.

So, Marcel, Hayley and Stefan Salvatore, who is escaping a deadly vampire hunter, agree to help Freya in an attempt to prevent the prophecy from coming to fruition.

The second half of the crossover kicked off as Aurora and Aya are discussing a compromise. Aya wants the weapon Aurora has and Aurora says she has everything she needs in the weapon. She says killing Elijah is the only way she could help end her brother's suffering. Aya tells her that there is a way to sever the sire lines and has Aurora be the guinea pig.

Aya's witch begins the spell and Aurora finds herself in the company of her brother They embrace each other and he tells her how much he missed her. She apologizes to him and tells him that she has failed him.

Tristan says that a light has come to him thanks to Aya and the witches. Aurora says if she has to burn the world to drain the oceans, she will find him. But first she has a show for Tristan.

Freya learns that Elijah daggered Rebekah and tells him that it means there is still two ways for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Then, in comes Klaus introducing Stefan to Freya. Marcel asks Davina if she has everything they need to break the sire link.

She says that Aya is getting the last of what she needs and she assures Marcel that he is going to be okay. Marcel is pretty scared about the situation and having to have stolen Jackson's heart.

Davina tells him she understands the risks.

Stefan tells Freya that he dated her sister once and he goes over his wound and situation overall. Freya tells him that she can't cure the wound but she can mask the signal.

He wants to know why everyone is so eager for him to leave.

Meanwhile, Klaus is convincing Elijah that Stefan is not their problem as Freya tells Stefan everything that has gone wrong in New Orleans.

Elijah says they need to take out Aurora first and Klaus says they shouldn't wait to make Aurora's head as a foot stool.

Hayley calls Elijah and tells him that the Crescent wolves found Aurora. Hayley Makes her way into Aurora's hiding place but doesn't find anyone there. She turns her attention to a door as the Mikaelson brothers approach the old trailer. She opens to door only to find Lucien tied up in a closet.

The Mikaelson brothers come up on Aya and Klaus tells her that he is going to take her head. Aya points her new weapon at the brothers.

Inside, Lucien tells Hayley to get Klaus out of there. Outside Elijah tells Aya if she shoot him she dies. She tells him it's just for now and then Elijah and Klaus are whisked into Tristan and Aurora's world.

Tristan reveals that his Strix are preparing a spell to sever their sire lines. Aurora tells them that Aya will then use the white oak to fulfill the prophecy. However, they need to find a way to past the time. Davina and the coven is working on the spell while Klaus and Elijah's physical bodies are in the Strix pond. Klaus is walking around the alternate world when he is almost attacked by Aurora.

However, Klaus gets the upper-hand and promises to cut Aurora in half. Elijah sits down for a game of chess with Tristan who tells him that he drove his people to attack him.

Tristan says they begged him to lock himself away until the prophecy has passed but he didn't listen. Tristan says he is almost grateful for the years he was compelled.

Marcel is acting completely surprised that the Strix took Klaus and Elijah and even more surprised that Hayley is listening to Lucien. Hayley tells him that he is one to talk after stealing her husbands heart. Marcel says he bought her life with that heart and she was the one who called her there. Hayley wants to storm the coven house and stop the Strix.

Lucien says they have to stop an execution first. Lucien says that Aya will let Davina complete the spell and test it by killing Klaus, eliminating his sire line, including Lucien.

If Davina fails they will still die. Stefan over hears the conversation and realizes that he would die as well if Klaus is killed.

Aurora is still pestering Klaus with her banter and tells him that there is more than one way to torture him. Every time she mentions Cami's name, Klaus becomes enraged. Aurora tells Klaus that the King is the strongest and weakest player on the board, then, she reveals that he will be killed. She tells Klaus that he is his siblings eternal burden.

Stefan is helping Lucien, Marcel and Hayley figure out a way to get into the Strix coven grounds. Marcel says it is impossible to get in and Hayley comes in to say that Freya found a way to get the brothers out but they need a distraction.

Lucien is livid that he would have to stay behind with Freya but she snaps his neck so that no one has to listen to him anymore.

Then Stefan reveals that they are going to have to go through the front door.

The new team is on the way and Stefan and Hayley are hiding in the trunk. He sees a photo of Hope and asks if Hayley is the reason Hayley is fighting. Hayley says she also doesn't want Hope to grow up without a father.

Stefan says that Damon stood up for him and that's why he is protecting him.

Hayley realizes that Stefan and Caroline are in love and he is also going along to protect Caroline who is also a part of Klaus' sire line. They arrive at the Strix compound and Marcel drives in without a hassle.

Tristan and Aurora are continuing to pester Elijah and Klaus and they keep going back and forth over the ridiculous concept of brotherhood as Aurora puts it. Aurora strikes a nerve but Elijah asks Aurora is she has met her brother who constantly abandons her because she is a deranged child who can't be left behind.

Elijah makes his way over to Aurora and Tristan stops him. Now, Elijah is the one who struck a nerve.

Aya tells Marcel that they are almost there and that thousands of vampires will be freed by the tyranny of The Originals. She also says that she is glad that he is there and tells him to stay close by when it happens. Marcel asks Davina if she knew that Klaus and Elijah were going to be killed. Marcel tells Davina if it fails and Aya kills Klaus, he and Josh will both die.

He tells her everything that can go wrong but Davina says that Marcel doesn't owe Klaus anymore. She tells him that he always trusted her and that they always protected each other.

She gets that Marcel will always protect her no matter what and says that he deserves to be free of Klaus.

She needs Marcel's trust if she is going to go through with it. Davina asks Marcel if they are in in together and he just puts his hand on her shoulder.

Hayley and Stefan are still in the trunk of the car and she tells him it's time. He tells her that they really don't know each other but his life is in her hands, so he wants to make sure it counts. He removes the mask from his wound and Rayna has picked up on it. Davina says that she is ready and Aya comes into the room ready to wreak havoc after the spell. Davina gives them a rundown of the spell.

Elsewhere, Lucien is tied up and Freya tells him she needs him to be still. Freya says that she will have to use most of her power and probably all of his.

Lucien just flirts with her and tells her to go on with it. Freya begins the spell and Lucien is clearly in a ton of pain.

Freya enters the alternate world but the Strix have begun the spell and Elijah and Klaus both have their throats slit as the spell begins. Rayna is running to the Strix compound like a woman possessed and Marcel comes in to tell Aya that they might have a problem. Freya tells her brothers to find what is anchoring them in the universe. Aya goes to check on the problem and finds Rayna. The entire team of Strix vampires go on the attack as Hayley and Stefan sneak in to stop the witches.

Davina sees that Marcel is not in on her plan and the other witches try to stop Marcel and Hayley. Freya is actually battling with Davina and Elijah actually comes to.

Then, when Klaus comes too, Davina seems to have succeeded in breaking the link. She stops Klaus from attacking her and tells him he has had his time.

Klaus screams in agony and when Elijah holds him in the water, Klaus tells him that his sire line is broken. Oh man, Davina really messed up. Aya returns to the room with a subdued Rayna and Elijah approaches her and tells her that they remain connected despite everything she has done. He tells her he can't let her hurt his family and she can't hurt him more than he already has. Aya says she stood by him but he betrayed her and abandoned her.

He agrees to failing her and says he will never forgive himself. He says he can't forgive what she has done and she tells him to end it. He points the gun to her and fails to pull the trigger.

Aya yells at him and tells her to end it or she will be forced to kill him. However, Hayley comes in and kills Aya tell her that it's more mercy than Jackson ever got.

Back in the alternate world Tristan realizes that the world is collapsing and he won't be able to see his sister again. He tells Aurora he loves her before being thrown back into a never-ending cycle of drowning.

Klaus welcomes Aurora back and tells her that they are going to go over what hurts and what doesn't. She is locked in a crypt thanks to a spell from Freya.

He begins the process of putting her in misery and tells her to remember it was he who took everything from her.

Davina says that Marcel hurt her by not believing in her and choosing her side. Marcel tells her that he is always on her side and always has her back, however some times the things that you want aren't worth the prices you have to pay. Davina still walks out on him. Stefan tells Klaus that they bother freed each other. Klaus asks if he is going to do the right thing by Caroline.

Stefan says he loves Caroline and he knows Klaus did at one point. He thanks Klaus and says he will do right by Caroline. Stefan tells Klaus that he also has to thank Hayley and he should do right by her.

Stefan asks Klaus is he is okay after seeing a bit of distress but Klaus says he is fine.

Stefan leaves and Klaus finds out that he lost a lot of energy in the spell. He asks where the energy went.

Davina harnessed the blood of Klaus and Elijah to fuse with the blood of Kol and began a spell to bring Kol back.

Out of nowhere, Kol appears and says he never doubted her for a second. That's right, Kol is back.

"A Streetcar Named Desire" is the perfect piece to the puzzle for The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

The Mikaelson's prophecy keeps eluding them but it should definitely start becoming clearer as the season progresses. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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