'The Originals' Recap 'I Love You, Goodbye,' Season 2 Episode 14, Kol's End Draws Near

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Last week on "The Originals" had fans scrambling to see if Elijah had really sacrificed himself.

This week in "I Love You, Goodbye," the fourteenth episode of the second scandalous, new revelations about Elijah's stunt are made and Kol's time draws near the end.

Things start getting hazy for Hayley when she starts to have doubts about whether the ceremony with Jackson will actually save baby Hope, or make things worst. Elijah returns to his normal self as he proved that his ability as an Original vampire could not be challenged.

He meets with Klaus but something seems different, Elijah is now suspecting Klaus of having something up his sleeve.

Cami has some very interesting revelations about baby Hope.

Kol/Kaleb is keeping one of the most heart-wrenching secrets from Davina and with the relationship between he and Rebekah mended, he enlists her help as he realizes he does not have much time left.

Tonight it all started as Cami speeds away from the safe-house with baby Hope crying loudly in the back. Cami finds a payphone and attempts to make a call and drops the quarters, she make an open threat but to her delight Elijah is alive and tells them they need to leave.

Hayley is packing to run off to save her daughter, however, Klaus stops her and tells her that she is getting married and a queen does not run.

Davina tends to Josh as he wakes up from the trance he was put in by Finn. Just then Kol walks in and he tells Davina that he was away saving the day. She scolds him for not calling her for help but he says he can make it up to her by finishing the mystical dagger.

Jackson tries to sort out their response for what happened to the wolves who were killed by the vampires. Klaus interrupts with the heads of all of the wolves who refused to surrender their daylight rings.

Klaus tells him that the ceremony will be help at his place.

Meanwhile Finn's body is unzipped from his body bag by Freya. Davina and Kol begin to try and finish the dagger as Freya tries to bring Finn back to life.

Something happens and they both drop the dagger.

It looks as though they have managed to create the dagger, but just when Davina and Kol begin to share a passionate kiss, Kol's effects from his brothers spell begins to resurface when he is awaken.

Davina is worried about what happened to Kol but he shakes it off and tells her that he is fine. He tells her that they have a reason to celebrate and asks her to accompany him to the wedding. Kol makes a call to Rebekah and tells her he needs a favor.

Hayley is busy getting ready, when Rebekah tells her that she will be missing the ceremony because she needs to help Kol. Rebekah does a beautiful gesture of picking out a wedding dress.

Hayley asks her if she told Marcel that she is in another body, Rebekah tells her she is waiting to see how long her stay lasts in the current body.

Aiden is reunited with Josh and he is actually happy to see him, until he breaks the news that they need a time out. Hayley's effects on Aiden and his packs power could be deadly to Vampires and he just wanted to do the right thing, but it sends Josh away angry and hurt. Jackson and Hayley address possible last minute retraction, but Klaus breaks it up as Cami and Elijah arrive with baby Hope.

Hayley is first alarmed but Klaus assures her that he has taken precautions. Klaus lectures Elijah about not trying to persuade Hayley to stop the wedding. Elijah challenges but still agrees to support family first.

Kol is completely distraught and he tells Rebekah that he thought it would be better with him being a witch, no bloodlust or anything. Hayley and Baby Hope are playing while she gets ready to be married to Jackson and Elijah comes in.

Elijah tries to tell her that he loves her but she begs him not to say it because all the time he could never say it before.

She is completely torn and tells Elijah that Jackson is the man and she thinks she can be happy with him. She begs him one more time not to say anything and he walks away.

Aiden plays the best, best man that he can with Jackson. Jackson tells him that they are don't chasing old grudges, there are new enemies. Jackson approves of Aiden and Josh's relationship and tells him that they have no chance of winning the fight, without having something to fight for. Hayley walks in to help Jackson finish up.

She tells him that she wanted to see him and she was nervous. It looks like the two of them are closer than they have ever been before. Jackson gives Hayley a necklace he had made, leaving her speechless.

Davina walks in to the house where the ceremony is going to take place. Josh beckons her next time him, but when Aiden comes in things change and she is by herself with Kol nowhere in sight. Hayley walks in and the whole room stands staring at her beauty.

Jackson greets her by her side and they both take each side of the ascending stairs as beautiful music plays. The ceremony begins, being watched over by Klaus. Elijah comes in and Hayley turns her face towards Jackson.

The vows are delivered by Jackson and Hayley as they light the candle Elijah is overcome with emotion as he watches Hayley marry another man. As they kiss to seal the deal, Elijah looks away and Klaus is there by his side. The werewolves all inherit the hybrid trait, meanwhile, Elijah approaches Klaus and asks him what he is up to.

Klaus plans on harming Jackson and taking him out. Elijah says that he will not allow Klaus to harm Jackson.

Klaus begs Elijah to admit that he wants Jackson dead, just as much as he does. There is a strange look in Elijah's eyes after Klaus' words.

The celebration begins as Hayley and Jackson dance down the streets of the French Quarter. Elijah looks to be keeping a keen eye on his brother. He tells him that he wishes for him to refrain from hurting Jackson. Elijah does not want anyone to jeopardize Hayley's happiness.

Elijah begins to questions Klaus motives. Perhaps, Klaus is afraid that Jackson will be a better father than him.

Elijah says that in the name of his daughter and her mother, he will not watch him commit the evil, clearly challenging his brother.

Davina and Josh are in the parade and a wounded Kol is noticed by Davina. She runs to him and asks him whats wrong. He tells her that Finn casted a spell on him and he thought it would be okay, but he is running out of time. Cami is watching over Baby Hope as Klaus walks in.

He thanks Cami for looking after her and when Cami asks him if he wants to hold her, he just stares with a blank look. Meanwhile, Aiden and Josh repair their relationship, sharing in the happiness of everyone around them.

Jackson and Hayley dance he night away as Elijah watches on. Klaus approaches with baby Hope and asks Hayley to join him as he proposes a toast.

He welcomes all in attendance and tells them the story of Hope. He commands them all to protect their daughter and love her as one of their own.

He calls Jackson forward and invites him and Hayley to live in the home. He toasts to Jackson and Hayley but there is a smug smile on his face directed towards Elijah.

Davina and Rebekah scramble to find a cure for Kol who asks for a minute alone with Davina. He stands and walks towards her telling her that he owes her a dance. Elijah strays away from the ceremony and Hayley approaches and thanks him for being there.

He tells her that everything is exactly that she intended. He also admits that he will be moving out to join Marcel and his pack.

Hayley tells him it doesn't mean that he has to leave, just then, Rebekah walks in calling for Elijah. Rebekah and Elijah get Klaus to join them and tells him that Kol won't last the night.

Marcel notices a certain girl walking in, and it looks like someone familiar is joining the party. Davina and Kol dances but she is overcome with emotion and crying her eyes out.

Kol tries to joke it off with her to cheer her up.

He tells her of a man who had all the time in the world with a girl and he hated him for it.

He asks Davina if he can be alone for his death, but Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah are their to join him and tell him always and forever isn't something he can weasel out of.

As the party winds down, Hayley asks whats next with Jackson. Jackson tells her that knowing her she wants to stay up all night watching Hope and it's fine with him. Hayley tells him that when she first got to New Orleans, she was pregnant and scared.

She knew that he was watching her and never judging her for who she was. He tells her he loves her and she says that it's the first time anyone has ever said that to her.

She tells him she didn't marry him for all of the people, she married him for her. They finally kiss and it looks like there is no separating Jayley.

Kol is in his last moments and tells his family that all his life, all he ever wanted was them to care about him. He is comforted by Rebekah who tells him he doesn't have long, and he will die.

She tells him that they will consecrate him with the witches ancestors and try their best to bring him back.

Davina crawls over to her dying lover who tells her he is not scared. He gives her one last smile before he dies in Rebekah's arms holding Davina's hands.

Finn wakes up and asks Freya how she saved him. She tells him that she had a protective spell against Elijah.

Freya tells him that they need to protect each other if Dahlia is on her way. She tells her story of when she was taken. She assures him that Dahlia will come to take whats hers, baby Hope.

Yet another emotional installment has surfaced in this weeks episode of "The Originals." "I Love You, Goodbye" proves not more than ever, the Mikaelson's need to come together and figure out how they will protect baby Hope as well as the dangers that surround themselves.

Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah, Cami, Marcel and Davina, have an ongoing battle in the French Quarter, and it's getting worst by the weeks as threat after threat surface.

Fans can see what happens next week on The CW's hit series "The Originals."