'The Originals' Recap: 'Heart Shaped Box' Season 3 Episode 13, Hayley's Sacrifice

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Aurora is proving herself to be very ruthless as CWTV's The Originals progresses. In "Heart Shaped Box," episode 13 of season three, Aurora makes her first step towards seeking revenge.

Klaus and Elijah being the supporting brothers they are, fall into a pretty dangerous trap when Aurora dangles Freya as bait. Meanwhile, Davina enlists Kol to help her safe some of her friends while working for the Strix coven.

Hayley has to make one of the hardest decisions she's had to make since choosing between Elijah and Jackson. Yeah, this episode gets very real pretty quickly.

The episode kicks off as Klaus threatens the cheif of police and asks him why he hasn't found the woman Klaus is looking for. Elijah and Freya comes in and convinces Klaus to release the chief. Marcel walks in and says he was out making sure the Strix doesn't find Cami.

There is a four-way conversation going on and Freya says that Aurora is cloaked. She says she has been working non-stop and Klaus urges her to go on her way.

Freya is not happy with how Klaus spoke to her and walks away. Klaus notices that Marcel is getting pretty comfortable with the Strix but Elijah cautions him to concentrate on finding Aurora.

Freya begins a spell to try to locate Aurora and it fails. Suddenly, Aurora walks in and asks if Freya is looking for her. Elsewhere, Aya walks in and asks Davina why she isn't working with the other witches from the coven. Davina says they will slow her down and Aya demands that her coven verifies the work. Davina says if she is going to finish the spell, she needs someone that knows the techniques.

That someone is Kol. Aya tells Davina that she needs to mind her demands but she is persuaded to have her coven help Davina resurrect Kol. Aya presents Davina with the Hand of Glory, a mystic candle to let her open any portal.

Davina can only see Kol until the candle burns out. Aya says if she wants to see Kol permanently, she has to make sure she receives the information they need.

Klaus visits Hayley at the resting place of Jackson's heart. Klaus apologizes for Hayley's loss but asks her if keeping busy would help distract her from the loss. He wants to provide Cami with some safe-guarding and when Hayley asks if it's his job, he says not anymore.

She agrees to keep Cami safe. Klaus receives a phone call from Elijah who says that Aurora has found Freya. He is left with a note.

Davina tells Marcel that he needs to convince Aya to bring Kol back for good but he says they need to focus on the bigger picture. He says now more than ever, they need to stick together. He also promises to help raise Kol from the dead when it's all over. Klaus reads the poem that Aurora left them and he and Elijah are both sickened by it.

The brothers decide that they are going to stop Aurora before she has the prophecy come true. Freya wakes up to Aurora who has used the same potion that her brother used on her in the past.

Aurora says Freya needs clarity of mind to cast spells but she doesn't have it. Freya says that her brothers will come for her but Aurora picks up her gun and shoots Freya.

Hayley finds Cami and asks her if it was worth it to risk all of their lives. Cami said she thought she had proven herself after risking her life to save Hayley. Cami says she doesn't need a lecture but Hayley says she is going to take Cami's ass to school. The Mikaelson brothers wander the woods but decide to split up.

Elijah makes Klaus promise him that Aurora dies today. Elijah enters the cabin where Freya was being held and begins looking around. Klaus comes up on what looks like a grave. Meanwhile, Freya finds herself buried alive.

Elijah comes face-to-face with Elijah and aims the gun at him. He asks where Freya is and Aurora just says that he is a stick in the mud. She says that Freya is out there busy dying. Klaus digs up the grave but it's empty.

There is a message that says try again and when he looks up, there is an endless amount of graves. Freya uses some of her magic to create a marker for her brothers.

Elijah and Aurora go back and forth over how much of a chance she has. Aurora says that she is waiting for Klaus so that he can watch Elijah die.

Hayley brings Cami back to the gym for some training. She says that Cami needs to learn how to defend herself and that her relics won't be enough. Hayley says she is a hybrid, a mom and an alpha. She compares Cami's lineage but tells her that she needs to embrace the fact that she is a vampire.

Cami takes it as solid advice and they get down to the training. Davina begins the spell to light the Hand of Glory so that she can bring Kol back for a limited time.

Kol is back and tells Davina that as happy as he is to see her, he wishes she never joined the coven. Aya joins the room and Kol says he thought someone would have killed her by now.

Davina and Aya ask Kol to finish provide them with the binding agent they need for the spell. He says if Aya wants him to talk he will, however, he is only talking to Davina. Aurora is still holding Elijah at gunpoint and he is beginning to play mind games. He tells her that she is insane for thinking that he was the reason she and Klaus broke up.

He calls what Aurora and Klaus had as a petty desire. Aurora says that only the love of family is unbreakable and that she is fighting for her brother Tristan.

She wants to end her brother's suffering by killing his sire, Elijah.

Just then, Klaus comes in with Freya and tells Aurora they both know that she is not going to pull the trigger. Aurora tells them that they are wrong and lets off a shot then takes off. Freya drops to the ground and Klaus tells his brother to tend to her while he goes to kill his ex. Meanwhile, the Hand of Glory still burns as Kol tells Davina that Esther was a brilliant witch.

He tells Davina that the sire-link is impossible to break. Davina says she knows he is lying and doesn't understand why Kol won't give her the answer.

Kol says that she won't like the answer. Aya's witches are listening in on the conversation.

Davina and Kol continue to go over the spell and he says for the spell to work someone has to die. She says they need an un-sired heart and the only one with that is Hayley. Marcel refuses to let Aya go after her, however, Aya snaps his neck and continues on. Aurora shoots Klaus with one of her bullets but out of nowhere a sign is thrown into her side.

She pulls it out as Klaus takes off. Cami and Hayley are continuing their relentless training and Cami thanks her for getting her.

Davina calls Hayley and tells her that Aya's witches are coming to killed her at the exact moment that the witches bust in.

They go on the attack and Hayley and Cami do their best to try and fend them off but the witches get the best of Hayley.

Klaus attacks Aurora and aims the white oak gun at her. She begs him and he tells her that she never should have come back. She makes her move and takes the gun away. She points it at Klaus but Elijah arrives and tells her to put it down. Instead of shooting Klaus, Aurora shoots Elijah. Hayley is still suffering and Davina plans on leaving to help Hayley.

Kol tells her that she needs to let him help her and that she can make it up to him later. Together, Kol and Davina are able to stop the Strix Coven by having him take Davina out briefly. Elijah tells his brother to leave him and stop Aurora.

Klaus vows not to leave his brother and digs into his chest to retrieve the white oak bullet. He succeeds and Elijah lives to see another day.

Aya arrives at the gym and challenges Hayley to a showdown. Marcel comes in and saves Hayley. Marcel and Aya end up battling but he convinces her to give him the chance to figure out a way to de-link everyone. Aya gives him until midnight or else she will rip out his heart before she takes Hayley's.

Cami wakes up to music playing and a note from Hayley. Hayley, Elijah and Klaus are in a meeting trying to find a way to stop the Strix.

Hayley proposes giving Jackson's heart over to the witches because when they were bound, his heart became an exact copy of hers. Elijah agrees with his brother and tells Hayley they have to go.

Davina wakes up as Kol is watching her sleep. Davina promises to bring him back soon but Kol tells her that Aya never keeps her promises. Kol says she has to let him go but she pleads with him to let her bring him back and take on the Strix together. She tells Kol that she loves him and he asks for a kiss before the candle burns out leaving Davina alone. Hayley stands over burial place of Jackson's heart and she and the Mikaelson's find that the heart has been stolen.

Klaus vows to find out whoever stole it an return the favor tenfold. Marcel appears to have been the culprit and he presents the heart to Aya.

Marcel says that it's his city and nothing happens in it without him knowing. Aya is impressed with Marcel but he threatens her life if she gets in his way again.

Klaus is busy carving a wooden chess piece for his daughter when Freya comes in. Freya is surprised that Klaus came for her and he knows. He tells her that she is his sister and she is a part of the family always and forever.

Elijah walks in and says he wholeheartedly agrees with Klaus. Freya asks what the next move is and the brother's reveal that there is no shortage of anyone who will stand against the family.

They toast to killing all of them.

Aurora is looking at her gun when Aya approaches. She offers Aurora her assistance in her future endeavors. Aya says she is a determined alliance.

"Heart Shaped Box" shows the lengths that the Mikaelsons will go to in order to save one of their own. The Originals are being forced to think smarter than they have ever thought before with two potential threats looking.

It's still a little unclear as to what role Davina has in all of this but sh is gaining a ton of knowledge. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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