'The Originals' Recap: 'Dead Angels' Season 3 Episode 12, White Oak Hunt

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This week things heat up on CWTV's The Originals, after Cami decided to steal the last of the white oak.

In "Dead Angels" Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelsons have to be extra cautious in how hey go about their plan to retrieve it.

Klaus has to go through a deadly path when the white oak ends up in the wrong hands and retrieving it becomes a pretty astonishingly hard task to complete. When Elijah tries to recover control of the Strix, things go awry and a battle ensues. However, the battle yields a new leader of the Strix that may not be so surprising to viewers.

Davina is sought out by another coven of witches who happen to be searching for the weapon. Hayley is trying to move on from Jackson.

The episode kicks off with Vincent going over a cloaking spell for Cami and himself. Vincent thinks that Cami is crazy and she says if Klaus wants what is his, he has to give her what is his. Vincent says he wants to get the relics back as much as she does but everyone will be after the white oak. Cami snaps and says she is tired of playing at a disadvantage and makes a call.

Davina finds out that the witch who saved her was killed by Elijah. Aya tells Davina that that's what happens when someone trusts Elijah.

She tells Davina that the witch figured out the weapon that could kill The Originals and she won't stop until she gets it.

Marcel meets Aya right outside and tries to reason with her to leave Davina out of it because she is too young. Aya doesn't budge on her decision.

Klaus arrives at the cemetery and is surprised when he is greet by Vincent and a barrier. Klaus is empty handed and threatens Vincent to take down the barrier. Cami arrives and she and Klaus are very bitter towards each other. She has the weapon and is surprised at Klaus' reaction.

Cami still admits that the two were intimate but that there is still a lot more to gain. Klaus presents her with a briefcase but Cami isn't satisfied,.

Vincent becomes frustrated with their back and forth and tells them to figure it out soon before someone finds out that the white oak is still in existence.

Hayley walks in and asks Elijah what's the plan. Elijah tells her that Klaus can handle Cami but until then, he will keep Aya distracted. Hayley asks why he doesn't just kill Aya and he tells her that he and Aya have history. She asks if they had a thing and he describes everything he loved about Aya. He tells her the story of Aya joining the Strix and that they cared for one another deeply.

His father got in the way and destroyed everything that Elijah had built. He asked Aya to run with him but she did not.

Aya was rescued by Tristan and together they transformed the Strix into something that he did not stand for.

He says he doesn't forgive himself for that. Hayley asks how he plans on distracting Aya and he replies by saying, "with a little salt in an old wound," while clutching a strange relic in his hand.

Davina and rest of the witches try to channel what they need from Ariane's body but it's not working so they decide to take a break. Davina is talking to the body and gives Ariane the proper ritual. When she touches the body of Ariane all of the information rushes through her including the weapon.

Cami and Klaus continue a childish game of keep away each other's bargaining tools. Klaus says that if he gives Cami her trinkets back, he will be acting within foolishness and letting her fall under false beliefs that they could actually protect her, when they could be her end.

Cami argues that Aurora needs to pay for what she did to her. So, Klaus heads back home to grab the rest of the trinkets.

Elijah arrives at the house of the Strix where Aya was giving a speech on finding the weapon that can end The Originals. Elijah says that he is the one who started the Strix and that he wants to take back control. He tells them if they follow him he will return them all to greatness.

Marcel asks if Elijah is really going to come in there and start making demands, however, Elijah treats him like a child and presents the Charter of the Strix written by him. In the charter is a clause that allows him to regain control.

However, Aya challenges him to a game of kings will be able to choose who is able to gain control over the Strix.

Davina is getting more familiar with her magic and is completing a spell that allows her to arrive at Klaus' home where he is packing up all of Cami's relics. He looks up towards her direction and pauses, however she is cloaked she's not actually physically there. She sees Hayley walk in and scold Klaus for making so much noise because of baby Hope.

She says the only thing that calms Hope is her favorite toy that Cami stole to get back at him.

The argument doesn't go anywhere and Hayley tells Klaus not to be angry at Cami because she is not in her right mind.

Davina's vision subsides and the Strix coven witch approaches her and asks her if there is anything she cares to share with the group.

Aya and Elijah enter the octagon and he taunts her by telling her to "come get it," the charter that is. Vincent says that Cami is playing a dangerous game by using the white oak against him. Davina denies that she knows anything but the other witch continues to push. Davina says that all she needs now is power and she will do anything to get it.

The witch tells her a sob story about how she entered the Strix coven and was shunned by her own mother because of it. She tells Davina that real magic like they use will change her.

She says that Davina will lose everything when she saves the person that means the most to her.

The witch just wants to leave the Strix coven and grabs Davina for a rush of visions. Davina collapses and it looks like the big secret is out.

The battle between Aya and Elijah goes back and forth and she accuses him of running like a coward leaving his Strix to be slaughtered. She said that everyone has a choice but he says he returned the moment he knew his family was safe. She revealed that Tristan saved them but Elijah says that Tristan is a usurper.

Aya tells him that he chooses family every time and that's why he is as cursed as them.

Elijah holds Aya by the neck and prepares to kill her, however, he is struck by Marcel who has stolen the charter. He says that they must catch him by midnight or else he assumes control of the Strix.

Klaus returns to the cemetery and finds out that someone is playing a game with him. The witch who has learned about the Mikaelson family has cloaked him and is continuing a spell. Elijah is reminiscing about his old time with Aya.

She says that he is just sitting around when Marcel has the charter. Elijah tells her he has his sources looking for him but she still believes the Strix will let her regain control.

Aya asks Elijah why he hesitated when he had the opportunity to do so and he says that should the opportunity present itself again, he won't hesitate.

The witch reveals herself and when Klaus calls out to Cami she tells him that she can't hear him and that soon she will be dead. He realizes what coven she is from and she attacks him and uses her powers to break his neck. Vincent realizes that he and Cami aren't alone and the rest of the witches show up looking for the white oak. Vincent tells Cami to run as he tires to fend off the witches on his own.

Cami runs into Klaus' attacker and is asked to hand over the white oak. She attacks Cami when Cami doesn't hand it over but is eventually able to grab it.

Something happens and the room begins to shake. The witch says a few magical words then disappears.

Elijah calls Marcel with three minutes left and tells him to hand the charter over. Marcel says he is comfortable where he is but Elijah happens to already know his location. Elijah calls Marcel outside but Marcel invites him in.

Elijah looks behind him only to see Aya. Elsewhere, Cami, Klaus and Vincent are trying to find out where the white oak has been taken. Vincent leaves because he can't concentrate with the other two fighting.

Marcel makes his inaugural speech after winning the game of keep away. Elijah is so upset he almost rips Marcel's heart out. However, Aya is able to talk Elijah out of it.

Marcel continues to make a speech about how he took New Orleans.

He says if they are to stop the prophecy, he is the best leader to help them take it down.

Elijah is not happy at all but Aya tells him to let it go and she accepts Marcel as the new leader of the Strix.

Cami tells Klaus that if he listened to her they wouldn't be in the mess in the first place. Cami gets a call from Davina who tells her that the witch is not working for the Strix.

The witch is actually working for Aurora who receives the wooden horse from her source.

Aurora says she deserves her reward but instead of a peaceful reward, Aurora takes a bite out of the witch ending her life.

Elijah and Marcel are having a drink to celebrate their plan that was always to have Marcel take control.

Davina gives Ariane the proper consecration that she needed to deliver a message to Davina. She tells her that Kol is not doing very well on the other side and that if she channels the powers of the other sisters she could have enough power to save Kol from a fate worse than death. Klaus and Cami continue to argue and she tells him she will never live in fear of anyone again.

Klaus storms out but stops to tell her that she could have trusted him. Marcel is having another drink but this time it's with Aya who tells him that there is a contingency plan involving Davina.

Davina can complete a spell that would free them from their sire binds. She asks Marcel if he will lead the Strix to freedom.

Klaus and Elijah are trying to figure out who Aurora is going to take out first. Elsewhere, the horse has been turned into seven wooden bullets. Aurora is planning on killing the entire Mikaelson family.

"Dead Angels" really shakes things up on The Originals. It's nice to see Davina back more often as she looks to be a key player in all of this.

The show has continued to keep it's foot on the intensity pedal. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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