'The Originals' Recap: 'Behind the Black Horizon' Season 3 Episode 17, Lucien's Plan

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It is now clear that Lucien has betrayed the Mikaelson family in CWTV's The Originals. In "Behind the Black Horizon," episode 17 of season three, Lucien looks to become what he stole from Klaus. He wants to become an "original."

Freya is kidnapped by Lucien who later on unveils his plan to become an original vampire, taking what he says is his right. Elijah and Finn visit Mystic Falls in hopes that they can find a way to save their sister but when they bump into Matt things don't go as smoothly as they hoped it would.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley, now a stronger team than ever before, work together to follow leads that could lead them to learn what Lucien is up to.

Kol's thirst continues to plague him which leads Davina to become perturbed about their relationship, which she risked so much to save.

The episode kicks off as Lucien and Vincent are leading Freya through the forest. Freya says after all of his flirtation this is his idea of a first date. Vincent believes that the ancestors must have lost their mind to let Lucien carry out the plan. He promised the ancestors a world without The Originals.

Vincent wants to know where they are and Lucien welcomes them to Mystic Falls, the place where The Originals were created. He intends on replicating the spell to become an Original, however, he wants to be upgraded.

He tells her he needs something more intimate for her and takes a bite out of Freya.

Kol and Davina arrive at the bar and they feel that Vincent has abandoned him, or at least Kol does. Davina notices something wrong and questions as to why Vincent would want to meet someplace where he can't do magic. She notices a tarot card and in it is a warning.

She shows Kol the cellphone accompanying the card. There is a message from Vincent saying that magic is their enemy.

He is asking for Davina's help to keep Freya alive. He tells them that Lucien has taken them somewhere but he doesn't know where.

Later on, Kol plays the message for Finn and Elijah. Vincent wants to find a thread between Finn and him. Elijah calls upon Davina for help and Finn says she should have known when Freya didn't respond.

He tells Davina to do the spell. Kol is pissed off that Finn is ready to jump the gun and when Elijah says he will accompany Finn, Kol is even more upset.

Davina calms him down and tells him she needs his help to do the spell. Meanwhile, Elijah and Finn are still tense with each other, however they have to work together.

Klaus receives a call from Elijah and he briefs Hayley on the situation. Hayley says he can go but Klaus decides to have them work together to figure out what the wolves have to do with it all. Lucien is getting done with draining Freya's blood.

Vincent tries to help her but Lucien says there is a spell to do and orders Vincent over. He tells him that this part is all him and Vincent is handed the spell that creates an Original.

Vincent refuses to complete the spell but the ancestors convince him otherwise.

Davina tells Kol that his brothers need to go to Northern Virginia. Kol realizes that they were born in Northern Virginia, Mystic Falls to be exact. Kol becomes frustrated and tells Davina they need more. Kol says that he needs a relic that Cami has and Davina tells him if he can't behave she will get it. He agrees to go with her.

Meanwhile, Freya lectures Lucien about becoming an Original. He says this did not happen overnight. He says when he lost his love because of the Mikaelsons, he vowed to become better.

Lucien is the living embodiment of the prophecy. His rise will be the downfall of the Mikaelsons.

Finn and Elijah arrive in Mystic Falls and immediately know why they are there. They bicker about being patient and Finn is angry at the lack of Elijah's remembrance of their slumber. He says he was entombed in his own life with despair and utter loneliness that was amplified. Kol and Davina are waiting for Cami to find the relic and Kol and Cami get into it.

Davina tells Kol to get out and apologizes to Cami. She reveals that Kol is getting use to being a vampire again, however, Cami says she has seen the look before and that Kol is cursed.

Cami says she could be wrong but urged Davina to be careful.

Finn and Elijah are waiting around feeling strange being in Mystic Falls. Elijah brings up the first time they fled from Mystic Falls. The memory turns into an argument where Elijah blames Finn for poisoning his siblings and threatening their survival. Finn says he was made that way because of the box that he was locked in.

He says he came out mad and remained so. Klaus and Hayley arrive at yet another Kingsman Land Development. He says they will continue together.

Finn refuses to let his sister be killed in Mystic Falls and decides he wants to tear the town apart. However, Matt overhears them and tells them that it is not going to happen since he ran every vampire out of town. Meanwhile, Vincent is completing the spell and collapses.

Lucien fills a glass with the blood mixture from Freya. Klaus tries to compel information from a Kingsman employee, however, it doesn't work and she triggers an alarm. So, Klaus and Hayley go on a rampage taking everyone out.

Hayley and Klaus make their way to an area where wolves are being held. One of them wakes up and Hayley realizes that they are still alive. Klaus finds a vampire in the mix and isn't sure what Lucien is up to.

Matt and Elijah meet again and when the Mikaelsons try to walk away, Matt points a gun at them.

He asks them why they are there and Elijah tells him about Freya's abduction. Matt doesn't waiver in the standoff and asks them how much time their sister has.

Kol is helping Davina with a spell by helping her concentrate and amplify a drone. It triggers something in Finn and he falls to the ground. He sees exactly where Freya is being helps. Lucien is about to drink the mixture and Vincent tries to to stop it.

Vincent is stopped by the ancestors but Lucien turns his attention to killing Freya. Finn, Matt and Elijah arrive with Matt who puts two bullets into Lucien, through Freya, before he could kill her.

The only problem is, Lucien has already downed the mixture. Elijah rushes to his sisters side along with Finn and they try to feed her blood to keep her alive.

Klaus helps one of the wolves down from his holding in hopes to find information. Hayley offers the wolf blood but he refuses at first thinking she was a vampire. Upon learning that Hayley was a hybrid, he drinks. Klaus realizes that Lucien was testing out a cure for werewolf venom. Hayley wants to know why Lucien is testing a cure he is sure would work.

Freya wakes up and tells her brothers that Lucien has taken the final step. Lucien rises and he begins taking down, Matt, Finn and Elijah. Lucien attempts to kill Elijah and Finn saves him, however, he is bitten by Lucien.

Freya says them with a barrier spell and and Lucien decides he will wait for as long as it takes to get to them. He takes off and Elijah and Freya rush to save Finn, who is suffering badly.

Davina is happy that Freya is safe but Kol is still upset about Finn. Davina tells him that he might be cursed. She tells him that he is not himself and he begins questioning who he is supposed to be. Kol says he thinks it's everyone getting into his business and not knowing when to back off before disappearing.

She tests Kols' blood with what was left behind from his punch. Klaus tells Hayley that Elijah wants him to go home and heal Finn and Hayley agrees.

She says she will heal the wolves and do what she can before torching the place. Klaus says he won't leave however, Hayley says he needs to take a chance to make Finn an ally.

Elijah and Freya bring Finn back to New Orleans and Kol arrives just mocking the situation. Kol seems happy that his brother will die and Freya stands up for him. Klaus walks in just in time and is curious as to why his family is fighting.

Hayley tells the wolf to warn the others but the wolf reveals that Kingsman wanted their venom.

He said they pumped it into the vampire and healed her over and over again, however, the last time there was something more powerful that took her out. Hayley tells him to go and sets the building on fire.

Finn is healed and thanks his brother. Everyone seems happy except for Kol. However, Finn thanks Kol for his help along with Davina. He says he had glimpse of their always and forever. Before he could continue he begins coughing up blood.

His siblings rush to him and Freya says his body is dying. Klaus says it's impossible he cured him. Kol says there is no use.

Klaus demands him to get Davina back but Finn declines.

Freya and Elijah tell the dying Finn that they are with him as Kol looks away. Finn finally passes and everyone in the family is emotional, even Kol shed a tear for his brother.

Elijah, Kol, Klaus and Freya scatter Finn's ashes with their own final words. Klaus is the final sibling to speak and says that Finn should know that he will be avenged. Vincent visits Davina and he is surprised that she wants to see him. She says she needs his help but he says he isn't sure he can.

Davina says Kol's blood is filled with their magic. She says they couldn't get to him so their making him lose control.

Vincent says he use to respect the ancestors but the more he sees how they use people, the more he realizes they have to be stopped. He says it's going to be on the two of them to do it.

Klaus tells Elijah that Lucien did all of this to become an Original but he is not sure what they are against. Hayley returns and says Lucien wasn't trying to find a cure for werewolf venom, he was trying to create a more lethal strain. Freya said that Lucien was looking to be more powerful.

He has the venom of seven packs within him. Freya believes that Lucien only drinking have of the mixture could mean the spell will wear off. However, Klaus realizes that the second batch has to be for Aurora, Lucien's love.

Klaus visits Aurora's tomb to find her missing.

"Behind the Black Horizon" aside from the previous episode really brings the intensity back to The Originals. For some time this season it seemed as if The Vampire Diaries was regaining its edge by this new shift is just too good.

The writers are really showing off their brilliance. Fans can keep up with updates on CWTV's hit series "The Originals" by visiting the main page.

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