'The Originals' Recap: 'Beautiful Mistake' Season 3 Episode 6, Elijah Comes Clean

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Last week Klaus was greeted by his first love Aurora on CWTV's The Originals. In "Beautiful Mistake" episode six of season three, Freya walks into the aftermath or her brother's fight.

The Strix are trying to get to Rebekah and the only ones who are trying to save her are Elijah and Freya, who actually do a bit of bonding while working together. Klaus wants to see if he can depend on Aurora so he puts her through his own kind of test. Another team gets startled when Hayley and Marcel are completely taken back by what the find out after a hostile meeting with one of the Strix.

Lucien still has Cami on puppet strings and when she has to make a difficult decision Det. Kinney is on the receiving end of a bad deal.

The episode begins with Aurora waking up in bed as Klaus stars at himself in the mirror. Aurora tells him to come closer and he says he thinks it's best she stays out of harms reach. He just got off of the phone and she says she takes it he heard about what happened earlier. She tells him that she will let him in on everything he knows.

Freya completes a spell that allows her to talk to Rebekah. The two are enjoying a drink together and Rebekah tells her that there might be a way to bring their family back to the way it was.

The drink ends with Rebekah going off to a witch rendezvous.

Rebekah is visited by Aya and another Strix. Aya slits her throat and tells her that she can't come out of her body when the real monsters come. Has Rebekah been taken out? Freya walks into the aftermath of the fight between her brothers. She sees the two of them sitting at a table battered and bloody drinking blood.

She says "may I ask what happened" and Klaus says they had a little chat. The brothers are now on each other's side and know that Tristan and Lucien are plotting against them.

They two brothers then toast to a reformed alliance.

When detective Kinney asks Cami to show why he is wrong for arresting him Lucien shows up and takes the detective out. He then chokes Cami until she is unconscious but she isn't dead. Hayley is being followed in the quarter and takes a path down an alley to escape her tracker. She tries to surprise him but a fight engages and she ends up biting him. Freya and Elijah are chatting about Tristan and Lucien's alliance.

She wants to know what Elijah did to warrant such hatred and he admits to compelling Tristan, Aurora and Lucien that they were actually the Mikaelson children. Elijah says that under threat they take action, for better or worst.

He tells her that Lucien, Aurora and Tristan's days are numbered. Then, Freya begins feeling strange and drops her glass. She says something is wrong and they need to call Rebekah.

Klaus pays his old love Aurora a visit and the two seem to be getting along a lot better. He wants to show her the city to see what side she is on. Klaus is putting on his most charming facade. Cami wakes up in Lucien's penthouse but she is no longer restrained. He offers he a mimosa but she refuses. He tells her that everything could have gone much smoother.

Meanwhile, detective Kinney was compelled to cook for Cami and Lucien. Lucien tells Kinney to throw his blade at Cami's face and when he does, Lucien catches it. He wants Cami's help in finding bronze medallion.

Freya is frantically trying to connect to Rebekah but there is nothing there.

She says she is gone and it's as if she has vanished. However, that isn't the case, Rebekah is actually back in her original body and wakes up in the casket.

Rebekah wakes up to find her former body on the floor. Aya walks in and Rebekah says she has a lot to answer for. Aya and the Strix seem to want to capture Rebekah and use her as bait. Aya and a few other Strix square off with Rebekah who has to fight for her life.

Kinney is finally filled in on what's been going on and Lucien is growing weary of waiting for Cami to find the medallion. Lucien tells Cami that Klaus stole his girl and a 100 years of his life.

In order to get Cami to work harder, Lucien compels Kinney to slice an artery.

Klaus and Aurora enjoy a bloody meal and he tells her that being in her company is intoxicating. He asks her if she feels the same. She says that she is not his enemy but she does hate Elijah. She says that Tristan, Lucien and herself spent years running with each other, thinking that they were the Mikaelsons.

She says they lost every, who they were and who they had become. They too had to run from Mikael and they swore that they would kill their sires.

Klaus says that if his family dies so does all of their sires. She reveals that that's the beautiful mystery of all of it and asks for dessert.

Hayley brings her attacker to Marcel who recognizes him. She asks him why he was tailing her and tells him to prove that he is on their side. Freya and Elijah are trying to find a way to locate Rebekah who is fighting for her life against Aya.

Just when Rebekah thinks she has the upper hand, more Strix come in. Freya joins the party and helps Rebekah by using her magic to snap the necks of her sister's attackers. Freya then tells Rebekah to run.

Lucien is on the phone with another one of his accomplices and leaves the room. Cami tries to help Kinney but he has been compelled to hurt Cami if she gets close to him. Kinney puts two and two together and realizes that Cami's brother was caught up in the supernatural world.

Kinney tells Cami that he has a sister and begins to ask Cami for a favor. However, she stops him and tells him that they will make it out. She continues to rummage through the boxes.

Aurora and Klaus are taking a walk in the cemetery and she sees that the stroll isn't innocent. He tells her that she shouldn't doubt his feelings for her and they have one more stop. Elijah is very nervous and when he learns that Marcel is holding Shen Min, he instructs him to tear his heart out before he awakens.

Freya and Elijah visit Rebekah using a spell and demand for her to come home without detours. She agrees and tells them to get back and save Marcel and Hayley from the monster that is Shen Min.

Shen Min is awake and Hayley says it's about time. She says they can can get started and Shen Min actually agrees, which adds a little bit of a creepy factor.

Hayley is torturing Shen Min to get an answer as to why he was following her. He said that they could have used her but when he breaks free he is going to kill he both Marcel and Hayley. Marcel tries to kill Shen Min but fails and he breaks out of his restraints. Shen Min gains the upper hand on Hayley and Marcel.

They almost die but Elijah comes in and saves the day by killing Shen Min. Freya is telling Rebekah that she has to go but she doesn't want to leave without a way of getting Kol back.

Freya decides she won't argue with her sister any longer.

Klaus brings Aurora to his home and his intentions lead him and Aurora to a secret hiding place where he kept a painting of her. He said he thought that if he painted her he could free his soul of what haunts him. He says he couldn't be anymore wrong and just like that earns a big kiss from Aurora who is moved to tears.

Elijah is keeping Shen Min alive for an interrogation and he admits that he was instructed to remove Hayley to get to Davina.

They need Davina to activate a weapon that could kill the Mikaelson family. When Elijah tries to find out what the weapon is, Shen Min says he would rather die and bursts into flames.

Cami bargains to let Lucien heal Kinney with his blood in exchange for a possible location of the medallion. She shows him a skull but it was a trick. She tried to kill Lucien but it didn't work and now Kinney's life is in danger. Just before Lucien orders Kinney to kill himself Cami gives up the medallion. Freya and Rebekah are working to get the spell she needs to bring Kol back.

Freya tells her that they need to go now. Just then, a witch comes in and appears to have been on the Strix's side. The witch begins to attack Rebekah and when Freya tries to help she is unable to do so.

Aya plans on killing Rebekah and sends Freya back to her body.

Aya tells Rebekah that the spell was real and she wanted to enjoy the look on her face when she took it away.

Aya daggers Rebekah but it doesn't kill her, she is merely in a state of slumber, reminiscent of the way she was discovered in The Vampire Diaries.

Lucien compels Kinney to continue his life but grow to hate himself because he knows that there are things lurking in the shadow. Cami begs him not to do so and he says like Kinney he will leave her with one lesson. Against vampires humans always lose. Klaus watches his love Aurora sleep. Freya awakens from watching her sister disappear and tries to locate her. Hayley tells Elijah that all she ever wanted was to find her family, then a home.

She says that New Orleans is their home and the Strix are trying to take it. Elijah says they won't let them. Freya and Marcel walk in and tell Elijah that they need to call Klaus.

The episode picks up from the beginning where Aurora offers to tell him everything she knows. She tells him of a weapon that can create an unbreakable boundary that can lock The Originals away forever.

Aurora says she took measures to make sure Rebekah's body was safe. She had two members of her sire line keep Rebekah's body safe.

"Beautiful Mistake" brings all sorts of revelations to the forefront of The Originals.

There is so much more to the Mikaelson family and their line of sires than viewers could imagine and all sorts of madness seems to be unraveling around them.

Will the prophecy actually be fulfilled? Fans can catch The CW's hit series "The Originals" on Thursdays at 9 PM EST.

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