'The Originals' Drama, Will Davina Abandon Marcel?

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The CWTV promos continue to roll out for the fall season shows and things are really starting to get dicey between Davina and Marcel in the latest clip from "The Originals" season three courtesy of ET Online and CWTV. There are even signs of Davina abandoning Marcel, her father figure.

If ever there was a season of unknowns in "The Originals" it's going to be this one. In the latest promo clip, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Davina (Danielle Campbell) discuss the possibility of of issuing daylight rings to vampires and she coldly shuts him down completely. She doesn't want to look weak among the 9th Ward Coven as they already believe that she has a weakness for vampires.

It's a bit hard to watch considering all of the loops Marcel has gone through for Davina. That being said, he's also betrayed her trust many times, especially when he decided to take Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) side over her own.

The relationship between Davina and Marcel isn't the only one that will be tested in season three, Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies) were once inseparable. However, the actions taken by Klaus and Elijah during the desperate times while facing Dahlia really set them against each other. Not enough to take each other out, however, there is a clear rift that will be addressed.

So two immediate questions arise. Will Davina abandon Marcel? Can Klaus and Elijah repair their broken relationship? Fortunately for fans you won't have to wait much longer.

The season three premiere for "The Originals" is exactly one week away as the bloodthirsty vampires and mystical witches return on October 8.

Watch the latest trailer featuring Davina and Marcel below.